A man receives a new foot arch

Hi George Karl, Herewith is the testimony of a miracle that I’ve experienced. The miracle is from God and manifested through you. I had flat feet and as you took my feet in your hands and prayed a new arch formed on my right foot. Later the same happened with my left foot. I thank God and Jesus for His miracle. It is better and easier to walk with Jesus. Thank you. Hug and kind regards,...

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Different sized feet become the same size and new arches form on both feet

DruckenE-MailDear George, Irina & Glory Life Team, I experienced a miracle on my feet on Thursday at the School of Supernatural Life. I had two different sized feet and therefore had big problems when buying shoes. My left foot took a size 7 shoe and the right 36. Pastor George asked me whether we should pray for growth or shrinkage. I said I would like the bigger foot to get smaller. During...

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Operation scar disappears, toe is straightened and new arches are formed

Dear Glory Life Team, In a church service on 21.8.16 I received new foot arches. My little toe that was always standing up and caused lots of problems “sat nicely in the row”. Hallelujah! I am very thankful. An operation scar has also disappeared. I think this happened whilst I was watching the video on Authority over Time and Matter and trauma was talked about. Suddenly this operation was...

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Foot pain disappears and the perception of a supernatural fragrance

Dear Glory Life Team, Last weekend I was at your church when Joshua Mills was there. For some weeks I had pain in my left foot. It felt similar to a pain I’d experienced in my other foot that once had a hairline fracture. I had not gone to the doctor because I knew I’d be visiting your service. When George preached on Saturday morning I laid my hand on my foot and that was it. I can only say...

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A foot healed

Dear George and Irina,  Today our son forgot what he had for homework. I couldn’t reach any of the parents with whom I normally phoned. I then called the mother of a girl I hadn’t seen for a long time. She told me that she had broken her foot before the summer vacation and still couldn’t walk properly. I asked her if I may pray for her over the phone. She laid her hand on her foot and I spoke a...

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Healing of the hips as well as flat and splay feet, and a calcaneus spur

About a year ago we were in a service at Glory Life in Stuttgart. In one of the first services George had 2 words of knowledge for me: A hip operation was planned and I already had a referral for it at home. However I had torn the referral up and went to the service believing that God would heal me. God be praised and thanked, He heard my prayer and since then I have no more problems. Then...

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New foot arch as well as straightened toes!

DruckenE-MailHello Dears, The weekend in Hamburg was again powerful. God moved mightily. On Saturday night He gave me a miracle. At the end of the service someone from the healing team prayed for me. An arch formed on my right foot. I now have a wonderful arch. As a result the 4th and 5th toes straightened out which also stopped the pain I was having there. When I went for a walk this afternoon...

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Flat and splay feet healed

Hello Pastor George, The first time we were with Jeff Jansen in Hamburg God healed my flat and splay feet. My friend prayed for me and spontaneously said, “Something’s happening, right?” And, indeed, God created bone substance in the arch. The next day when I was walking my feet felt so comfortable. I also used to have a stabbing feeling in the sides of my feet and this has also completely gone....

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Feet shrink in size – now a better selection when buying shoes

Hello Irina, Until now I have mainly needed shoe size US 10 (UK 8). I could only take US 9.5 (UK 7.5) if the shoe was particularly big. I had my feet measured during a schooling only to find out that my feet now have US 9.5 (UK 7.5) and I can buy shoes in that size, sometimes even the size smaller. I recently received prayer from Marion for my legs, hips and back. It could be that my foot size...

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Healing of the foot soles – touched by the love of Jesus

I was healed on both foot soles in the last church service. They had been very sore for weeks and had burnt like crazy. I was very touched. For two nights afterwards I cried in my bed with happiness and thankfulness for the love of Jesus. I suddenly had this joy and peace and a great longing to pass on this love. I just wanted to use every opportunity to make Jesus known and tangible through me…...

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Heel spur and infected nerve healed

I attended the conference at your church and was really blessed. My heel spur was healed spontaneously. The following day I even went jogging and it was great – I had no pain and felt totally free. My backache which was caused by an infected nerve was also gone. Since then I’ve had no more infections. I am so overwhelmed how God heals, delivers and loves. Hallelujah, greetings from Spain, C.

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Lady’s ankle healed in the elevator

Dear All, This morning I had a supernatural encounter with the Holy Spirit. I had parked in a car park and was going up with the elevator. I suddenly thought I hadn’t locked my car and went down again. I was with 2 ladies and noticed the one limped.I asked her about it and she said she had sprained her ankle and had a splint.I asked if I could set healing power free – she was immediately open...

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