Personal miracle reports

Numb and painful toes healed!

7. May 2021

For quite a few months I had a numb feeling in my toes that went into pain on my left foot.
During the service in the Glory Life Zentrum on 8th June I started in faith to move my very painful foot. The pain disappeared immediately! Whilst I gave testimony the pain suddenly returned with severity. I then took authority and said, “In the name of Jesus I’m not accepting this”! At the same time, without my saying anything, God led one of the members of the healing team to pray for permanent healing – the pain left as quick as it had come!
In the sermon Pastor Georg had mentioned that we are a Spiritual family and know about one another in the Spirit and I’ve now experienced that! A week later my daughter got married and I was on my feet for 46 hours. I never had any problems with numbness or pain and that is 100 % proof for me that God had healed me! Thank you Jesus!
With love, L.O.

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