Personal miracle reports

God shows Himself with gold dust and oil during the conference

14. June 2023

Dear Pastor George, Joshua Mills, Brother Yun and Team,
I have been going through a lot of emotional pain for months. At the conference this weekend I experienced a lot of physical healing (discs, spine) and heart healing. Today at worship I had an intense encounter with Jesus. I looked at my hands during the whole worship and said: Lord, I thank you for gold dust and your oil. And first came this beautiful glow and by the end of the praise there was gold dust all over my hands and the oil has come out of every pore. Even as I write this it goes on and on. Although I have already rubbed the oil off on me, on my partner and on our cats. And it was slippery :)))))
Now my hands are so full of oil it is really starting to run. Praise our Savior, Yeshua my heart belongs to you!!! Thanks to all of you who make this possible!!!
Love from Graz, A.L.K.

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