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14. June 2023

Dear Glory Life Team,
I would like to share my testimony with you. On 2/18/2023 I was at the Revival Center in Bad Griesbach where Pastor Georg was a guest preacher. Pastor Georg had the impression that someone was there who was still dealing with the spirit of death due to a bereavement that happened some time ago. This death would still be bothering the person today. Thereupon I contacted him and received prayer from him. I knew immediately that this was for me. Just the last few weeks I had to struggle with this issue.
Since that Saturday, a lot has changed for me internally. I feel freer, I suddenly experience and feel things, e.g. in nature, much more intensely and beautifully. It is as if a veil has been taken away and something very deep has been brought about. My heart is softer again, is filled with the love of God and healed a bit! Something has broken away. New hope, clarity, vision and vitality came back to me. I was also suddenly more resilient again and everything felt lighter. The view on things changed in a positive sense. I feel a deep gratitude towards God, but also towards Pastor Georg, who let himself be guided by God! Many thanks to you and God’s blessing, J.S.
P.S.: Also the Glory Life Conference last weekend was just wonderful!

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