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Miracle news October 2013

31. October 2013

A man suffered from a blocked ear and the Ear, Nose, and Throat Specialist couldn’t help him. Whilst listening to a Sunday sermon by Pastor Georg Karl he noticed his ear opening and then Pastor Georg had a word of knowledge for someone with a blocked ear and the miracle was complete!

-A man was allergic to many foods (which led to stomach cramps and diarrhoea). After someone in the healing team in Stuttgart laid hands on him he was able to eat everything. This was confirmed by a new allergy test whereby he had no negative reactions!

-Many people were again healed of deafness, cataracts and problems with vision during the October Glory and Miracle Weekend in Stuttgart.
At least one lump shrunk, many were freed of pain, mobile disabilities, dislocated joints and some were freed from fears and other physiological problems!

There were also signs from God like gold glitter, oil etc., and an angel manifested through the Holy Spirit who served the people in a supernatural way!
The healing power of God was amazing and some people said that as a result of this weekend their fundament had changed and they were now on a completely new and wonderful stand with the Holy Spirit!

-In the meantime the fifth person has reported that God has done a miracle in that her different sized feet now both have the same size, and she no longer needs to buy shoes in two different sizes!


-A lady spilt boiling water on her left hand. Her hand turned dark red and then purple and she was afraid she would have scars. Whilst she was watching the video of a sermon from the church in Stuttgart she looked by chance down at her hand. Before her eyes the colour on her hand changed from purple-red to normal! She also discovered after seeing the video that she could see much clearer into the distance and that her glasses were no longer the right strength for her!



-An extraordinary abundance of miracles were set free in the Glory and Miracle Service in Deggendorf and many people received the new life in Christ!
Before the end of the service 25 people gave testimony that they had been healed during the service, before the healing team could even lay hands on them!


*A lady who had much pain and a limp as a result of a botched hip operation ran without pain and without problems through the hall!


*Two people experienced being able to move their stiff fingers again. The one man’s finger had also been numb at the fingertip which was healed!


*The distance between the ankle and heel on a lady were different on both legs. Her spine and leg bones were also displaced. When Pastor Georg commanded the leg bones to get into their normal position, into the position that God created them to be in, there was no more abnormality to be seen on either her feet or legs!


*A lady had two different sized feet (shoe size 5 and 6). She experienced her bigger foot shrinking to the size of the other. She then had size 5 for both feet!


*Quite a few people experienced their spine being pushed into the position that God intended and, as a result, their disabilities disappeared!


*Since her childhood, a lady had a twisted leg which was also a bit too long. As a result she was often in pain and couldn’t stand for long. She mostly had to stand just on one leg. God performed a miracle by healing her leg so that she could stand normally on both feet! Her knees and hips were then also pain free!


*Quite a few people experienced the disappearance of lumps, that their vision was restored, movement disabilities healed and through a word of knowledge that mental blockages were removed.


*A lady had problems in the cervical and lumbar areas of her spine for 40 years. After the laying on of hands these problems disappeared!

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