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Miracle news September 2013

30. September 2013

Six weeks ago, Pastor Georg prayed for a baby with problems because it only weighed 2 kg at birth. Afterwards the baby put on 5 kg within only 6 weeks. The doctors say it’s a miracle!

-A lady’s toe overlapped another toe. A few weeks ago someone in the healing team in Stuttgart laid hands on her and she now testifies that both the toes are straight and lie nicely next to one another!

-A couple in Linz were told by the doctor that they would not be able to have children as the husband is sterile. They had already had one miracle baby and a few months ago Pastor Georg spoke out that they would have a second child. The lady is now 3 months pregnant!

-A lady had conductive hearing loss 6 times in one week and then again in two weeks. Since she was prayed for in Nuremberg 3 months ago she hasn’t had this problem again!

-A lady who always attends the Miracle Services in Linz spoke into the life of a man who had suffered a cardiac arrest. Although he had been in this state for 45 minutes he lived on without any problems!

-A man who entered the glory zone through listening to the Miracle Service messages reported that on quite a few times in a row his driving time from one place to another was extremely shortened that it could only be supernaturally explained. He also experienced the supernatural loss of weight (no diet that he had tried had been a success) and now he had his dream weight!

During the second week in September 2013 many, many glorious miracles occurred in the Glory and Miracle Services in Deggendorf, Linz and North Rhine-Westphalia.
Dozens of people were healed and delivered of acute pain, movement disabilities of all kinds, deafness, eye problems, lumps disappeared etc. etc.
– The precise words of knowledge, people being touched by the Holy Spirit and the amount of people who gave their lives to Christ were especially impressive!

*Many partly deaf people testified that they could hear much louder and clearer after hearing Pastor Georg preach.
*Through a word of knowledge a lady in Linz was healed from difficulty in swallowing and an acute sore throat which was caused by problems with her tonsils.

*Another lady testified that after receiving prayer she’d been healed of lumps in her thyroids!
*A lady who was there for the first time testified that she’s been healed of problems with her hips and knees which she’d had for many years!
*An unborn child was diagnosed with blood problems. This lady wasn’t present at the service but someone stood in for her to receive prayer. It was later reported that at the exact time of prayer the lady felt strong movement in her womb. At the next examination the doctor said there were no longer any problems with the blood!
*In North Rhine-Westphalia a lady had fallen from a swing as a child and hurt her back. As a result she’d suffered acute pain for years. Her complaint was discovered through a specific word of knowledge whereupon she experienced over a period of a few minutes feeling her spine moving and bending. Afterwards the continual pain she’d suffered from was gone. This miracle was duplicated on the Sunday in Stuttgart whereby another lady with a similar problem was healed in the same way.
*Two people who’d suffered for ages from acute continual heartburn were healed.
*At the same time a lady was healed of earache, toothache and a sore throat. Another was immediately healed of lumbago.
Etc. etc.

-A new scope of glory was set free through the love of the Father during the Glory and Miracle Service in Stuttgart so that many miracles took place – people changed, people were touched and some received the new life in Christ!

*After 2 knee operations a lady could hardly walk up stairs. After Pastor Georg laid hands on her she was able to walk up and down stairs with no problem!

*A lady had a stiff shoulder. In a second her shoulder was restored to normal!

*A man’s deaf ear opened and he could hear again!

*A lady was healed of acute arthritic pain in her hand.

*As a result of an accident a man had a damaged knee (ligaments, meniscus, cartilage etc.). After prayer he is now able to move his knee and hop around without any pain!

*A lady had a growth (like a small sack on her throat) which gave her problems with swallowing. In the Glory this disappeared and she no longer had problems.

*A man’s eyes were healed so that he can now read small print without his glasses!

*Another man who had for a long period of time had fogginess and stripes before his eyes was healed and could see properly!

*A lady was lame in her left leg. This paralysis disappeared after prayer.

*Two men testified that in the glory their hair started to grow on their bald patches!

The day after Pastor Georg prayed and laid hands on the children that they experience signs and wonders one of them’s mattress was covered with gold and silver glitter!

-In Deggendorf at the beginning of August 2013, mighty miracles were set free through the love and glory of the Father – some of which were:

*A lady had suffered since she was 11 years old of Muscular Contracture in the legs which caused movement disability and pain. When she came to the service she could hardly make it to a seat and then during the service the power of God moved over her. She was immediately freed of pain and then she could move freely and could even skip and jump!

*a man experienced his deaf ear being opened.

*a young lady had Spondylolisthesis in the lumbar spine which caused her movement disability and pain. As the power of God touched her she could feel a change in the vertebra and as a result could move freely and was without pain.

*When Pastor Georg laid hands on a lady with a thoracic hunchback she was healed!

*a man gave testimony of having received 3 healings each in different miracle services during the last months:
– the tendons in his shoulder were torn as a result of an accident and he was no longer able to use his arm. The doctors said that there was nothing they could do. After a miracle service in Deggendorf he was able to present himself to the doctor with a completely healed shoulder!
– The same man had a lump that one could feel in his neck which disappeared during one of the services!
– and now God healed him of a pinched nerve in his back that caused knee problems.

*A lady experienced a sign from God in that her body was covered with gold particles from the waist up.

And so much more happened in the service . . .

-A young lady with frizzy tiny curls wanted bigger curls and asked for prayer. In the meantime she has noticed that her hair curls have got bigger!

-In June in Nuremberg a man who was an alcoholic received prayer during the Miracle Service. Since then he is completely free of this addiction!

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