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Miracle news July 2013

31. July 2013

A lady from Hamburg visited the Miracle Weekend in Stuttgart in June. She suffered badly from arthritis and was overweight. She was completely healed from arthritis at the service and, when she got home, experienced supernatural loss of weight – she had lost 7 kg! She continued to lose weight over the following weeks!

-Many signs and wonders took place in the Glory and Miracle Service in Salzburg – dozens reported immediate healings or deliverance, many received the new life in Christ or the special touch of God in their lives.

*When Pastor Georg set free the anointing for financial breakthroughs and blessings, he found that there was glitter and gold on him and then many dozens of other people discovered that they too had certain parts of their bodies covered with glitter or gold.

*A young girl had shoe size 8 and wished she had smaller feet. At the end of the evening she discovered that her mother’s shoes (size 7) fitted her!


Many people experienced during the service how God healed their joints, vertebrae, hips etc., pain and movement disabilities!

*Some people, as a result of words of knowledge, were healed in their body or soul. 
*Many children received the miracle power of God.

-A man (a non-believer) had lung cancer because of smoking for a long period of time. A friend of his was in the miracle service in Deggendorf and had put a cloth in the basket for him to be blessed at the end of the service. When Pastor Georg prayed for the collection of cloths and clothes he had a strong impression  that someone was being touched who was very sick as a result of continuous smoking. The friend stood up and told everyone about this person. Pastor Georg prayed and suddenly a strong smell of nicotine manifested. A few weeks later the friend reported that this man was completely healed and declared cancer-free by the doctors.

-A lady suffered since her childhood from the fear of drowning and never went swimming in deep water. During the Stuttgart Miracle Weekend Pastor Georg had a specific word of knowledge about her and since then she is fearless in water!

-A lady from North Rhine-Westphalia was prayed for from the Stuttgart Word + Spirit Centre on the phone. She had acute pain like a stabbing knife in her lumbar region and couldn’t do her household chores because she was unable to move properly. Painkillers weren’t helping and all this made her feel sad and gloomy. During the time following after the prayer on the phone the pain left her and eventually the blues left her too!

-A lady with acute knee problems experienced a big change in that she was able to kneel again after not being able to for a long time!

-During the explosion of glory and miracles in Linz and Deggendorf at the beginning of July, dozens were healed, some as a result of very spectacular miracles, some delivered and made totally new and others received the life in Christ for the first time! – The glory of the love of God filled the room and the hearts of the people!

*A lady in Linz had been 80 % deaf in one ear for many years. It was her first time in a Glory and Miracle Service and to her big surprise when hands were laid on her ear she could suddenly hear normally, and, furthermore, she received the new life in Jesus! Other people were also healed from deafness and ear problems.

*For 10 years a lady had been unable to lift up her leg as a result of hip problems. In the miracle service she was suddenly free of pain and movement disability!

*A man had suffered pain for many years in his fingers and in one second he was pain free!

*A lady experienced 5 miracles all at once in her body. She couldn’t move her one finger because the tendons were torn and God restored her finger to normality. She furthermore was healed of arthritis – her hips were healed, her lumbar spinal region was pain-free and she could move freely again, plus she supernaturally lost the fat on her stomach.

*A lady’s vertebrae in the lumbar region were extremely painful as there was no longer any cartilage in between and this naturally also caused movement disability. In Deggendorf she was freed of this pain and she could touch her toes again and do other exercises that she previously couldn’t do! 

*A girl could move her stiff arm freely again after prayer!

*a lady had a metal support operated into her lumbar region. During the miracle service she suddenly felt that something had loosed itself in this area and the power of God was upon her in a mighty way. She is going to see the doc and will let us know what the outcome is!

*Many other people were healed of various problems causing pain and movement disability as well as eye and ear problems, and some lost excess fat. Many also received the new life in Christ. Etc.

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