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Miracle news June 2013

30. June 2013

*A man in Deggendorf had been taking cortisone for pain in his knee which had been injured 4 months ago in an accident. The cortisone wasn’t even helping.
In the miracle service the pain disappeared and he could move his knee freely again!
*A man had bent fingers through arthrosis. Suddenly during the service he noticed that his fingers were straight and he could move them freely!


-A boy suddenly grew: After his brother had experienced a similar miracle (see below) he asked God that he also be “stretched” longer. His mother saw that his prayer had been answered because within a few days he grew another 2 cm!


-A magnificent flow like never before of the Holy spirit in love and glory was apparent during the miracle weekend in Stuttgart!
Miracle for miracle occurred, signs of glory were set free as well as words of knowledge for specific situations; people received the new Life and over 200 received their personal apportionment of glory and the power of God in their lives!

*Dozens were set free, healed from pain, movement disabilities, physical and psychological disorders of all kinds, and some were delivered of demons.
*A lady had metal in her cheek as a result of a car accident. Someone from the healing team prayed for her. Afterwards she felt her cheek and it had become soft!

*A lady had ossification (bone tissue deformation) in her foot and as a result suffered with tendonitis and had to often walk with crutches. On the Saturday, during the Miracle Weekend, healing power was especially set free for feet and since then she has been pain free and does not need crutches anymore!
*A lady suffered with Carpal tunnel syndrome in her right hand (pain in the wrists, lack of grip strength, numbness which is the result of the compression of the median nerve in the wrist). After Pastor Georg laid his hand on her she had full power in her hand and the pain had disappeared!
*Another lady had suffered from macular degeneration, an incurable disease which results in a loss of vision. Her vision was already 6 dioptres – her eyes were misty, she saw double and at night she was practically blind. On Sunday morning at the Miracle Weekend she went for prayer to the healing team. She immediately felt something change. The haze cleared and she had a new vision! A few days later she went to the doctor and he was amazed and couldn’t believe that this could happen. He said, “This just cannot be!” She now has 2.5 dioptre and her eyes are fine!
*When money was spiritually set free a lady felt spoken to and this was confirmed by the supernatural covering of her body with silver and gold dust. 
-A man from the church in Stuttgart who looks after laundries arrived in one where the washing system was at a still stand. There wasn’t a technician that was able to repair it. As this son of God stood with his hand on the system the Spirit of God suddenly overcame him and he spoke in authority and commanded that the machinery must function. He then went into another section. 10 minutes later the laundry owner came and asked him what he had done because the system started up again and was working without a problem! The owner was baffled!
*A lady reported that she had blurriness of the eyes as a result of an illness and that this disappeared completely over the weekend.
*Another lady reported that during the June miracle weekend in Stuttgart she was freed of acute digestive problems – she felt a chain reaction of like loving electricity flowing through her body!

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