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Miracle news May 2013

31. May 2013

-In May, during the Miracle Service in Stuttgart, a lady was delivered of a spirit of lethargy. This spirit had hindered her to get up in the mornings and now she was totally free!

-A man had smoked with only a short interval for 20 years. In May, during the Miracle Service in Stuttgart, Pastor Georg, through a word of knowledge, addressed this spirit and since then this man has not craved for a cigarette – he doesn’t even think of them!

-A lady had acute pain in the lumbar region and had to take strong Voltaren tablets which hardly helped. During the Miracle Service in Stuttgart she felt a vertebra being pushed into the correct position and since then she is pain free! 

At the beginning of June, during the Miracle Service in Linz, many people were again touched by God through words of knowledge. Many were healed from deafness and eye problems, others became born again and a whole lot experienced for the first time the power of the Holy Spirit!
*A lady came to the miracle service with a list of ailments. She was deaf in one ear, had cataracts, hip problems as well as a cyst in the kidney.

During the service God first healed her hips, and then she could feel a sensation in her kidney. At the end of the service Pastor Georg laid his hands on her eyes and ears with the result that the cataracts disappeared completely and she could hear normally with her ear again!
*During the miracle service a lady’s crooked dead tooth started to shows signs of life and then became straight!
*A lady had painful knee problems for years as a result of falling off a ladder. Pastor Georg had a word of knowledge fitting to her situation and since then she is healed!
*A man who had been taking Voltaren for weeks because of back pain and a pinched sciatic nerve reported that he was healed during the service!

-During the Glory and Miracle Church Service in Stuttgart on the 26th May, many people were healed from deafness, others experienced the complete release from pain, movement disabilities and all sorts of ailments as well as physiological disorders, and approximately a dozen people received Jesus as Lord in their lives!

-A lady came to the Glory and Miracle Service with a badly healed leg (thigh and calf) which had been operated on after breaks. She had many screws in the bones – you could feel 5 of them in the knee area. After prayer one was no longer able to feel these screws in the knee, the pain she was experiencing was gone and she was able to walk properly!

-A boy of 13 was far too small for his age. His brother who is 2 years younger than him was 1 cm taller (we checked this before prayer). During the Miracle Service in Stuttgart, Pastor Georg commanded  the bones and spine to elongate and that new tissue be formed. After this prayer he was measured and he was 1 cm taller than his younger brother which means that he grew 2 cm within a few seconds! The next morning his parents measured again and he had grown another half a centimetre!

-A lady’s cervical vertebrae had been crushed and she had a metal plate holding it together. She had a permanently stiff neck and although she was taking pain killers she still had acute pain. After hands were laid on her during the Healing Service in Stuttgart the pain left her and she was able to move her neck again!

-A lady received a 10 Euro note from a friend to help with the cost of petrol. She left the note in her car and after the church service she found that the 10 Euro note had become a 50 Euro note!

-A lady who attended the Miracle Service in Linz had suffered from urinary incontinence since she was 3 years old. Pastor Georg called out this problem through a word of knowledge and since then she has had no more problems with incontinence!
A few days later at the swimming bath she suddenly noticed that her feet were healed (she had until then for 30 years flat and splayed feet). Also, one of her toes was crooked and this had straightened out!

-A young lady still had her baby bump after the birth of her child. During listening to the sermon by Pastor Georg at the Glory & Miracle Weekend on “The call” she felt stomach fat and folds shrink within seconds. Now she has a normal flat and firm stomach!


-A lady had a cyst in her ovary and was referred to hospital for an operation. Beforehand she decided to go to the Glory & Miracle Weekend in Linz in order to receive the glory and power of God. She immediately felt Him at work and when she again went to the gynaecologist the cyst wasn’t to be found!

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