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Miracle news April 2013

30. April 2013

-At the Glory and Miracle Weekend in Stuttgart on the 27/28 April 2013, about 250-300 people experienced the amazing glory and transforming miracle working power of God!
Many, many were permanently bodily, psychologically or spiritually changed. A wealth of, some spectacular, healing and deliverance miracles took place in both services. The amount of testimonies just didn’t want to end:

All kinds of pain and movement disabilities disappeared by the power of God – also people with metal in their bodies experienced how these obstacles to normal movement were gently removed or changed – eyes were healed, different types of inflammation, chronic respiratory problems and allergies disappeared.

*Many people experienced God straightening their crooked or damaged backs.

*A lady had acute oedema (dropsy) in the legs and water retention in her whole body – diuretics didn’t help. Overnight, after receiving prayer on the Saturday evening, she lost the excess water, she was no longer in fear, her blood pressure was normal and she no longer had a headache. When she stood on the scale in the morning she had lost 4 kg and had 7 % less water!

*A lady testified that she had had venous ulcers (chronic open wounds) on her leg for 20 years and after prayer they disappeared!

*Two ladies both experienced the correction of their body alignment and the healing of flat feet! And much, much more . . .


-A lady had been in various psychiatric hospitals with short intervals over the last 8 months. She felt that her head was empty but full of ghosts. On Sunday, 14th April 2013, a friend of hers who is in the Stuttgart church, laid a material bag of personal goodies that belonged to the mentally disturbed lady in the healing basket which Pastor Georg prayed for during which he also commanded the spirit of depression and demons to leave. The bag with contents was taken to the patient and she wasn’t told that her things were now “blessed.” Suddenly her head began to feel lighter and she felt the demons leave. She was a changed person and was then allowed to leave the hospital on her own for short periods, she began to dress differently and do her own shopping. She is now full of joy and on the 28th April she visited our Stuttgart church for the first time!

-A lady in Langenfeld had acute pain in the lumbar region because of a slipped disc. At first she took pain relievers but her condition worsened so that she longer was able to stand, sit or walk. The doctor came and gave her a cortisone injection which unfortunately also didn’t help much. Two days later she went to the Miracle Service in Langenfeld where she experienced the power of God and the relief of pain. Three days later she was completely pain free! 

A young lady had continuous problems with fistulae which involved constant surgical intervention which resulted in damage to her skin and its tissue. She was prayed for in Stuttgart after which no more fistulae occurred. When she went for her next appointment for an examination the doctor (a different one) couldn’t believe that she had ever had a fistula or even an operation – her skin in that particular area was just like a baby’s!

-Many people reported that lately “multiplication” miracles were taking place in various ways – e.g. petrol tanks and heating oil tanks were on full for long periods of time as well as bottles of day-to-day needed products just didn’t empty. 

-A man in Linz was in an accident and as a result suffered a broken spine (lumbar region), acomminute fracture in his foot, and a broken wrist. He had to be operated on and had screws in his foot, a metal plate in his wrist and his back still hurt him. He had suffered a long time with movement disabilities and aches and pains in these 3 areas. During the Miracle Service in Linz he experienced a triple miracle! The pain and movement impairment disappeared from all 3 disorders! Full of joy he demonstrated the healings of all 3 conditions. At the end of the service he received the new life in Christ!

-In Linz a lady approached Pastor Georg at the end of the Miracle Service with her spectacles in her hand and told him that God had healed her eyes so well that she didn’t need them anymore! (Many other people also experienced healing of eye complaints during the service).

-During mid-April 2013, dozens of people were again healed or set free in the miracle church services from all sorts of ailments including pain, movement disabilities, mental disorders etc.

-In Deggendorf a lady was healed from a lingering kidney problem.

-A lady had an operation because of malignant cancer of the ovaries and needed chemo urgently to increase her life span. The doctors said that it’s “5 past 12” but she decided against the chemotherapy and received prayer from Pastor Georg in Linz. Three months later she went for a check-up and the doctor told her that her tumour marker was 36 which is normal (but not necessarily free of cancer). She drove again to Linz and asked Pastor Georg to pray for her once more. At the next medical check-up her tumour marker was 7.1 which meant she was definitely free of cancer! The doctor said that it’s an unexplainable miracle!

-A stone hit a lady’s windscreen whilst she was driving on the highway which cracked her windscreen and impaired her field of vision. Spontaneously she laid her finger on the cracks and prayed that the windscreen would be supernaturally repaired. At first nothing changed but the next day when she got into her car the cracks were gone. The only thing to be seen was her finger print where she had laid it on the windscreen to pray!

-A lady had many swellings and hard lumps in her breast. All her lymph nodes were swollen and she felt a pressure and pain in her abdomen. She wanted to go to the doctor. However, during the week of the Bible Academy Pastor Georg preached about miracles that happen in the glory of God. At that moment she felt a strong power in her abdomen and body. The pain and tension immediately left her and a while later she discovered that the swellings and hard lumps in her breast, as well as the swollen lymph nodes, were gone!
She is completely healed!

-For 40 years a pastor had problems with the iron values in his blood. To begin with he had too much iron in his blood which attacks the heart and liver. And then he suffered from acute iron deficiency. However, for a few months he had been regularly listening to Pastor Georg’s sermons and in the meantime his blood values have normalised and the doctors have said that he is completely healed!

-Pastor Georg prayed on the telephone for an elderly lady who had suffered for weeks from wheals on her skin and swellings over her whole body and face. In this condition she couldn’t go out and therefore couldn’t go to church. Already on the day after the prayer the wheals and swellings started to disappear and now they are completely gone!

-A lady that always attends the miracle services testified that in this power of God she was able to awake her brother in intensive care from death – he had been “out” for 20 minutes (no pulse and no breathing). He is now completely healed!

Another lady reported something similar in that a man that was in a coma is now fully healed!

-A man wrote and said that through a Miracle Service in Deggendorf he was moved into new dimension of the supernatural. When his mother’s partner was diagnosed after several tests with lung cancer he spoke into the situation proclaiming that cancer would no longer be found! A week later this man was examined once again in the University Clinic in Wurzburg and he was diagnosed as being completely free of cancer!

-Approx. 50 to 60 people in the Glory and Miracle Church Service in Deggendorf on 03.04.2013 testified that they were already healed during the church service of all sorts of illnesses, pain and movement disabilities even before the healing team became active! Amongst these were – 
* 15 people who experienced healing of the eyes (hazy eyes, defective vision etc.)
* Many people whereby tumours and lumps shrunk. Amongst these was a lady with a 1.5 cm ganglion cyst on her instep. This accumulation of ganglion cells had over the last 10 years caused the thickening of the nerve which in turn caused her to limp as a result of acute pain from the toes to the hips, and her second toe was numb. The doctors had suggested an operation but there was a risk that the nerve would be damaged so that her whole left leg would be lame. However, during the service, when Pastor Georg commanded in the name of Jesus that tumours and lumps disappear this ganglion cyst was within seconds gone and also all the accompanying problems! 
* A man could move his arthritic finger again.
* A lady who had had a bunion operation whereby metal hardware had been inserted was able to move her toe again! God also did a miracle on her other foot whereby a torn ligament was healed! 
* A lady testified that her tinnitus had disappeared completely!
* A lady had continual pain in all her joints and testified a few days later of complete healing. She also reported that her cataracts had also disappeared and she could see clearly again!

-A lady testified that 3 months ago in Deggendorf Pastor Georg had correctly diagnosed through words of knowledge her three bodily complaints:

*1) Jabs in the breast when breathing in. Healing took place immediately and since then she has had no problem.
*2) Thyroid problem with lumps in her throat
*3) Blood pressure problems 
At the next examination her blood pressure was normal. The lumps in her throat had shrunk, the blood values were normal and there was no more need to take tablets.
*The right shoulder was calcified and as a result she couldn’t use her arm. The doctor had said an operation may help. Approx. one week after the church service her arm was completely restored! 

-A lady who listened to Pastor Georg’s sermons had a premature granddaughter who was flown with a helicopter into IC because her lung lobes weren’t developed and she had to be connected to a respiratory machine. This lady heard in a sermon that one can send the power of God out of time and space to people. When she did that in the direction of her granddaughter, her granddaughter started a short while later to breath normally without aid, and she was released from hospital and could go home together with her mother. She is now a 3 month old lively baby!
Another grandson of the same lady (4 years old) stopped breathing and was taken to hospital in emergency. This lady immediately went to the hospital and lay next to him. He then no longer needed oxygen and slept peacefully and his breathing stabilised. A few hours later she could leave the hospital with her grandson!


-During the March Miracle Weekend in Stuttgart an abundance of creative miracles, supernatural deliveries and healings took place.

*Many dozens of people were spontaneously freed of all kinds of pain as well as movement disabilities.

*At the Miracle Weekend in Stuttgart two men who had suffered for years from torn muscles and ligaments, which had caused discomfort and movement disability, experienced a miracle in that God healed them and restored normal and pain-free movement.

*Many people experienced the delivery from unfavourable soul ties (some of which were decades old) and some of them experienced healing and restoration of their marriages.

*The manifestation of gold dust and oily hands were a part of the whole weekend.

*Supernatural weight loss again took place – one person lost as much as 20 kg!

*All people present were activated and positioned by a massive and supernatural release of God’s power for the glorious harvest that is still to come!

-A lady had a crooked spine as a result of a virus that had attacked her 57 years ago. At the Glory and Miracle Service Pastor Georg took her body back in the Spirit for 57 years and spoke out new vertebrae in the neck and shoulder range. For a few days she experienced a strong anointing in these areas and then the crookedness became completely straight and she is now overjoyed!

The glory and power of God manifested in the Glory and Miracle Service in Deggendorf and in Linz intensively. Dozens of extraordinary miracles happened. Through words of knowledge ailments and problems were diagnosed, many many people were healed and set free from all sorts of illnesses and ailments, souls were set free and quite a few received the new life in Christ for the first time.

*In Deggendorf approx. 15 people were immediately healed and set free from all kinds of pain and movement disabilities.

*A lady had, as a result of being hit by lightning, considerable problems with her brain which caused movement disability as well as other things too. After she was served by Pastor Georg in Deggendorf and in Linz her fine and gross motor skills functioned normally again. She is once again able to type with all her fingers, she can walk again without fear of falling and she can bend her knees normally again. 
She also had a thorn-like elevation in her knee which caused her a lot of  pain. Pastor Georg gave the knee a slap in Linz and the elevation completely disappeared!
Her eyes were also healed – the film on both her eyes disappeared so that her normal vision and night vision were much improved.

*A lady experienced immediate supernatural loss of weight around her hips and her belt was too big for her! A gentleman in the congregation had a similar experience.

*A lady reported that after Pastor Georg set free financial miracles she sowed €100 in the collection basket. A short while later she was given €12000 to buy a motor car!

*A lady reported that since childhood she had the runs once or twice a day. Since the Miracle Service in Deggendorf in February this has stopped completely! She can also now eat normal food and doesn’t have to keep to a special diet anymore!

*An engineer reported that he had big problems to find a job. In Deggendorf in February Pastor Georg spoke to him and said that a miracle is on its way and that the angels have already solved the problem. The following day he was sitting at his computer when he felt the Spirit telling him that he can now fetch his miracle. With that an email came in from a firm where he had applied for a job the previous day. He was asked to come in for an interview and a short while later he got the job as project manager in that firm!

*Quite a few people testified in Linz that they already received healing during the initial address of Pastor Georg. One of these people was a lady that had suffered with slipped discs which had caused movement disability with great pain. She demonstrated with enthusiasm her healing!

*A lady who had suffered for months with painful joint problems was healed after praise and worship through a word of knowledge.

*13 people testified that they were healed of various eye problems after a short prayer from Pastor Georg – hazy eyes were healed, visual acuity was restored and a man reported that he was diagnosed as having only 50 % vision in one eye and that this was healed so that he could see with it just as well as from the other eye!

*A man was healed in a second of an irritable bowel condition which he had suffered from since childhood. He also received the new Life.

*A lady testified that she had problems for months with urinating because of kidney problems. She had also been in hospital for a long period because of this. A month ago in a Miracle Service Pastor Georg called her out through a word of knowledge and set free the power of God over her. Since then her condition has stabilised and her problem has disappeared! She also received the new Life in Christ.

*Even before the healing team were in action about 30 to 40 people reported that they had been healed from various problems!

-A man was in IC dying because his organs were shutting down. A lady in Linz who works in the hospital secretly put a cloth on him that had been blessed in the Miracle Service in January. After the cloth had been with the man for 2-3 days he could sit again and even talk to his relations! After a few further weeks he could work again without impairment!

-Someone in the Stuttgart church had an aunty with terminal stomach cancer. She had lost a lot of weight, had metastasis everywhere in her body and didn’t have long to live. After the niece received prayer for her from a member of the healing team, her condition did not improve at first. The aunty had no interest in God. One night the niece awoke in the night to a deep, strong voice that said,“My father has victory over cancer!” Quite a while later she heard that her aunty was completely healed!

-A man who had cancerous metastasis on various parts of his body reported that 2 days after the last Miracle Weekend in Stuttgart he went to the doctor. The doctor said to him that he was looking unusually well, except for one metastases they have all got smaller! This man who wasn’t supposed to live much longer now has faith for complete restoration.

-A lady had suffered for 5 years with arthrosis in her hips which caused her a lot of pain. She listened at home to a sermon from the last Miracle Weekend in Stuttgart and suddenly was conscious of being in that service in the spirit because God operates out of time and space. At that moment when Pastor Georg spoke out a word of knowledge that someone with pain in the hips is being healed, and he commanded the spirit of arthrosis to go, this lady started to cry in a strange way and since then she is completely pain free!

-A lady had big problems with her spine. She was unable to put her socks on and couldn’t sit or stand properly. As she listened to a sermon from Pastor Georg during which he set free healing for the spine her whole body shook and her back was jolted about. Since then the pain and restrictions have disappeared and her spine is totally fine!

– Clusters of microcalcifications (lumps in the breast) were found on a mammogram in a lady in February 2012. The doctor said that if they get bigger then an operation will be necessary. She was taken over by unpleasant thoughts so she immediately phoned Pastor Georg and after he had prayed in authority a deep peace flooded her heart. Pastor Georg also said: When she goes for the next check nothing will be found! In January 2013, feeling strengthened, she went for a check and sure enough the doctor told her that there were no more lumps to be seen and that this was extremely seldom. She told the doctor about what Pastor Georg had said and the doctor said that he believed it, that when the body and spirit unify then these results follow.

-A lady in the Stuttgart Church accidently poured hot steaming water over both her hands. By a miracle of God she didn’t feel the heat on her hands and afterwards her skin wasn’t even red!

-A lady had a vision whilst listening to a sermon from Pastor Georg and since then is completely free of acute depression!

-Testimonies keep coming since the last Miracle Weekends in Stuttgart to do with teeth (see also below).

*A dentist wanted to renew a number of fillings for a lady. After the Miracle Weekend she reached out for supernatural renewal. At the next check-up the dentist said that everything was okay! He didn’t mention her needing new fillings again!

*A lady had irregular teeth and couldn’t speak properly. After she was prayed for by someone in the healing team her teeth changed. Her teeth became more regular and she was able to speak better!

*Another lady’s dentist waivered his fee for her dental treatment so that she could afford to have her teeth fixed.


-A friend of a person in the church was diagnosed with cancer in the kidney. The doctors were of the opinion that the cancer had also spread throughout the body. The healing team prayed for her (although she wasn’t present). When the doctors opened her up and took her kidney out they determined that there was no cancer in her kidney or anywhere else in her body!

-At the Glory and Miracle Weekend in Stuttgart about 250-300 people experienced the transforming and miracle working power of God; many were healed and delivered from pain, movement disabilities, all kinds of infirmities as well as physical and psychological problems/sicknesses. Many received the new life in Christ and many heard the call of God for a supernatural life of miracles and love for this world. The glory of God knew no limits!

Here are some specially spectacular highlights:

-A lady had lots of holes in her teeth, two of them were crooked and her teeth were discoloured brown. On Saturday night Pastor Georg set the miracle power free for dental complaints. On Sunday morning this lady enthusiastically reported to the congregation that her teeth had turned white overnight, the crooked teeth were now straight and the holes had been supernaturally filled!

-For 13 years a lady had continual burning pain in her shoulder joint and she was immediately completely healed. She had undergone 2 knee operations but still had lots of pain. This pain in her knee also disappeared!

-A man who was lame on one side because he’d suffered a stroke 10 years ago experienced how his arm and leg came to life again and he was able to hop and jump again after 10 years!

-Two people were healed from continual pain as a result of flat feet and splay feet.

-A lady had continual ice cold hands and feet because of vein blockages in her back. She experienced during the Miracle Service on Saturday how this severe condition eased and the blood started to flow normally and she started to feel warm again!
-A few people were healed from Carpal tunnel syndrome.

-A girl’s almost deaf left ear was opened!

-Cataracts disappeared

-A lady testified that two years ago through prayer in the Miracle Service her wish to have a baby was fulfilled. Last January she received prayer again and happily told us that she was now pregnant again!

-Quite a few people experienced heavenly oil coming out of the palms of their hands. Supernatural loss of weight also occurred as well as much much more. . . .

-During the Miracle Service in Langenfeld a lady had a tissue annointed and laid it on her husband who had been diagnosed with a lung tumour. A few days later this man suddenly vomited up the complete tumour! He then went to the doctor who took 10 biopsies, the results of which were all completely free of cancer. The doctor said he had never seen anything like it in the 30 years he had been practising.

-Quite a few people experienced being healed of respiratory illnesses and also various allergies.

-A hip joint centre mislocation that someone who was born with was supernaturally corrected. Pain in the knees also disappeared and normal bodily movement was fully restored.

 -Before going to bed, a lady listened to a sermon from a Glory and Miracle Service from Pastor Georg on CD which spoke about supernatural loss of weight. When she woke up the following morning she had lost 6 kg of fat, and the following night she lost a further kilo!

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