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Miracle news February 2013

28. February 2013

A lady reported that she was freed of a deformed spine in Deggendorf. She had had movement disabilities since birth. 
She also said that the tight jeans she was wearing started to slip off her and that her face wrinkles disappeared.

-A lady had a lump that you could feel on her thyroid. In Deggendorf, after she claimed the healing power of God, the lump was no longer there!

-A lady in Linz experienced being healed in one moment after the laying on of hands of a cataract, and from deafness!

-A newborn baby needed an operation because of a hernia. After the laying on of hands in Linz the doctor confirmed that the baby was completely healed and that an operation was no longer necessary.


-28 people received the new life in Christ in Linz on the 8th February 2013 during the Miracle Service!

-In Deggendorf on the 6th February 2013 over 200 people received a personal apportionment of the supernatural miracle power of God for their lives!

-A man in North Rhine-Westphalia had life-threatening cancer. During the Glory and Miracle Service his wife claimed the healing power for him. A few days later her husband miraculously vomited the whole cancerous tumour. He then went to the doctor and the doctor said that he had never experienced anything like it over the 35 years he had been practising. This man is completely free of cancer!

-For about a year a lady in North Rhine-Westphalia had a big mutating mole which worried her. After the Glory and Miracle Church Service in Langenfeld the mole just disappeared!

-A lady had had problems for weeks with a firm that owed her money. She thought she would never see the money again. 
During the Glory and Miracle Church Service in Deggendorf the miracle working power and grace for finances was set free by Pastor Georg. The very next day the sum of money was transferred to her bank account.

-Another person in Deggendorf deliberately sowed a “seed” for the supernatural income of money. Two days later a customer asked her if she may give her 1000 Euros as a gift!

-A lady was in debt for quite a few thousand Euros. She laid the certificate of debt on Pastor Georg Karl’s latest CD preaching album and 2 days later out of the blue she received 3500 Euros on her bank account.

-A lady bought the wrong size bed linen. She put it in a box and thought for months as to whom she could give it to. However, she couldn’t think of anyone. Months later she took the still newly packed bed linen out of the box and it now had the correct size! The correct size was also written on the package! God had “exchanged” it!

-A lady had suffered for years from a splinter of bone that had come from her elbow and got into the joint. Pastor Georg set free the power of God over the telephone for her. A few days later the chip of bone suddenly pushed itself through her skin and she could just pull it out – since then she has had no more problems!

-During the Bible Academy Week a lady suffered with acute cramps and pain in the stomach area. She then started to bleed from the abdomen and the toilet was all bloody. Her flatmate wanted to take her to hospital but she decided to go to Pastor Georg who then laid hands on her. From that time on she had no more pain and bled no more!

-One of the people in the Stuttgart Church heard that one of her bosses was in hospital in a coma. She took authority over sickness and death and spoke out complete restoration for him. Shortly afterwards she heard that the man was well and the doctors were calling him a medical miracle!

-A man in the Stuttgart Church heard of a colleague whose wife had to be operated on because of a brain tumour. He was worried about this and in the Spirit spoke: “The brain tumour will just fall out of her head like a potato out of a dish, completely free with no connecting tissues so that no damage can occur!” When the doctors opened her up it happened just like he said and the lady is now fine!

-Just before a Glory and Miracle Service in Linz a man heard about a friend that was already 3 weeks in hospital in a coma. Without thinking too long he and another Son of God spoke into the situation (without being with her) claiming health and complete healing for this lady. About 2 weeks later this lady told him that she only got well through “his” help!

-In the Miracle Service in Deggendorf a lady had her sleeping mask anointed. She sent this to a colleague who was suffering from a Herpes infection in the eye. After sometime she heard that not only were this lady’s eyes better but that whenever she put the sleeping mask on her thoughts were wiped out and she could at last sleep well. She does not want to part with the mask!

-The son of a couple in the Stuttgart Church had been injured by a circular saw. A piece of wood had hit him in the jaw and two of his teeth had been pushed in at a horizontal angle. He pulled them back into place. The teeth marks could be seen clearly on the piece of wood. The couple spoke out the miracle working power of God into their son’s jaw and when the orthodontist examined him he said that everything was fine with his teeth!

-Even animals are healed! A bitch had an eye infection – the eye was swollen and discharging. When Pastor Georg’s sermon at the Academy was on in the lounge and he was speaking of the miracle working power of God the dog lay next to the loudspeaker and all of a sudden its eye was healed. When the sermon from the Academy was on the radio the following day the doc went and lay next to the loudspeaker again to listen 😉


-A lady reported that last summer because of persistent severe symptoms the doctors diagnosed Cerebral palsy. She was forbidden to do sport, drive a car or ride a bike etc. She decided to trust God for complete healing and listened to messages from Pastor Georg Karl day and night on her MP3 player. After six weeks all symptoms had left her and it has stayed like that!

 -Another lady reported that after she had listened to a sermon from Pastor Georg that she laid her hands on her hip which had been twisted since her childhood. She could feel her hip moving into the correct position and it has remained in the correct position since then!

 -For months a lady had watery eyes accompanied with itchiness and pain when her eyes were open. It eventually became so bad that she could only keep her eyes open for 5 minutes. In autumn 2012 she got Pastor Georg Karl to put his hand on her eyes and a wonderful warm current immediately filled her. Since then her eyes are no longer watery and they are without pain!!!

 -In the Miracle Service in Stuttgart Pastor Georg received a word of knowledge in that someone had a problem with 500 Euros. A lady came immediately to word and said that she had a problem which has gone on for months with her son’s ex landlord who would not pay back the rent deposit which was 500 Euros. She wanted to phone him again on this particular Sunday. Pastor Georg prayed and set free the return payment. This lady phoned but this man was not at home so she spoke to him on his answering machine. On the Monday he phoned back and said that everything was okay and that he would transfer the money immediately!

 -Again, during the Miracle Services in Langenfeld (in North Rhine-Westphalia) and in Stuttgart on the 19th/20th January, many many healings took place of all sorts of problems, ailments and movement disabilities .

 -A young man who had applied to universities to study was in the Glory and Miracle Service in Langenfeld. As a result he was inspired to have faith for miracles. When he checked 2 days later in internet for the application results he saw that he had not been selected and was number 191 and 234 on the waiting lists. The next day he claimed God’s miracle power for places at university and then once again called up the results in internet and lo and behold he had been selected for both university places! He has now decided to always expect God’s miracle power in his life!

 -A lady noticed after shopping that her hearing aid was missing. Together with her sister-in-law she went on a search for it but had no success. Shortly afterwards the sister-in-law went to the Miracle Weekend Service in Stuttgart and asked Pastor Georg to pray. He spoke in the Spirit that the hearing aid should materialise. A few days later the lady found her hearing aid lying on the floor in her room!

 -During the Bible Academy Week in Freyung a lady experienced that her I-pad with all her personal data, letters etc. had disappeared from the cloakroom. It never showed up for the whole week. Pastor Georg however said to her, “It will materialise” and she believed God for it. When she got to her office on the Monday (to which only she had a key) she found her I-Pad on her desk showing on the display the last Bible verse that she had called up a week before in Freyung! It seems God had his angels at work!

 – In November a lady had an almost empty tank and decided to fill up at the petrol station by the church. However, as she arrived she saw that her tank was suddenly full! And the best is that that was in November and since that day (now end-Jan) this lady hasn’t had to put petrol in – she always has a full tank!

-A lady wanted to go to the Miracle Service in Langenfeld but had a business seminar which was taking longer than she thought it would. When she left the seminar it was already 23 minutes before the start of the church service and she had to drive an hour to get there. She got in her car and drove off knowing that she would be very late. As she arrived at church she looked at the clock and couldn’t believe her eyes! It was only 7 minutes after the time that the service should begin and the service hadn’t started yet – her journey had only taken a half-an-hour! God had condensed the time for her!

 -Two ladies from the church experienced that as they were driving along in Stuttgart and in the blink of an eye they were all of a sudden driving along in a different part of the city on a different road (obviously now on the correct one). God had supernaturally transported them!

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