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Miracle news December 2012

31. December 2012

-The Miracle Weekend in Stuttgart on the 15th/16th December was the most powerful that we have as yet experienced!
The glory of God was revealed in both services with an abundance of supernatural miracles and healings!
*All sorts of pain disappeared immediately, movement disabilities were removed, the healing of Carpal tunnel syndrome took place, the healing of people with various illnesses as well as tumours, others were healed from fears, the deliverance from death spirits took place, ears were opened, some people spontaneously lost fat on their thighs and stomach, there were prophetic words and accurate words of knowledge and some received the new, heavenly life in Christ!

*In addition extraordinary signs of the glory of God happened like the appearance of oil on some people’s hands and some visitors’ heads, or golden glitter emerged over the whole body through the pores.

Another “clock miracle” was especially impressive: 

During the sermon from Pastor Georg the clock started to manifest a second time (for the first time see Miracle Service from 18th November!), whereby the clock began to rotate again at high speed. After the finishing of the laying on of hands the clock stopped. However, this time not at the correct time but instead 4 hours in the future! Since then the clock has the correct speed but is 4 hours ahead which is a permanent miracle because this clock in a radio-controlled one and they always run to the correct time. 
We believe that God wants us to finally believe that He has put us in a completely new spiritual era, His time of revealing visual glory in signs and wonders like never before on this earth! An era of faith, of boldness, an era of God’s sons being made known, the disclosing of their sonship with authority and in glory just like it says in Romans 8:19!


-A lady was healed during the miracle weekend in autumn of acute pain in the hips.
After the service her sister who had cancer, and who was on holiday from the States, received prayer from the healing team. In the meantime the news has arrived that the cancer has completely disappeared!

On the 5th and 7th December 2012 in Deggendorf and in Linz/Austria there was a mighty download of supernatural signs, wonders and healings of all kinds. Many dozens of people experienced healing for their bodies, supernatural loss of weight, godly rejuvenation of the body and soul and/or the new birth of their spirit through Jesus Christ!


*In Deggendorf God gave a mighty sign confirming the Word to do with the power of the Holy spirit renewing one’s youth and also batteries: after 5 hours continuous use of Pastor Georg’s headset the batteries still had their original strength! The batteries were therefore supernaturally charged during the service so that they were permanently recharged! 

*Many people experienced spontaneous freedom from stress symptoms and psychological pressure.

*A lady reported that whilst listening to the message from the last Miracle Service in Linz on CD which was also about rejuvenation, she was spontaneously healed from two very deep wrinkles that went from her mouth down! They just disappeared!

*Approximately a half a dozen people experienced the immediate healing of the Carpal tunnel syndrome. A lady who had been healed of this in Deggendorf went to the healing service 2 days later in Linz and did push-ups in front of everyone. This was of course not possible before her healing because of the weakness in her wrists.

*In Deggendorf a man experienced freedom from terrible pain and discomfort which was the result of a hip operation. Since the operation he could feel bulges in the hip area (which he presumed had something to do with the metal joint). These completely disappeared!

 *A lady who was unable to move her arm because of a damaged nerve in her shoulder joint demonstrated how she could now move her arm in all directions without pain. She had experienced a spontaneous complete healing.

*A man was spontaneously healed of bursitis in the elbow after one word of knowledge!

*In both services many dozens of people experienced immediate freedom of pain or movement disabilities in their body as a result of just being in the atmosphere of the glory of God. 

*Many people reported that they had experienced immediate supernatural loss of weight. Someone actually lost 5 kg whilst listening to the message on CD as well as receiving a new eating habit and a new bodily feeling.

*Someone in Linz experienced a “plop” in the ear during praise and worship and can, since then, hear better 

*A man in Linz who was awaiting a second operation as a result of prostate cancer went to the doctor after having hands laid on him. He no longer had cancer and the operation was cancelled!

*A man had lost his sense of smell. After the laying on of hands he could perceive various smells again! A lady who had the loss of peripheral vision was spontaneously healed – normal vision was restored! 

*Many amazing healing and deliverance miracles from all sorts of illnesses and complaints took place during the 2 services and also through the laying on of hands by the healing team after the services.

-A lady reported that she was supposed to go under a second hip operation but after receiving prayer for healing in Deggendorf she had a completely different gait and could walk like never before! She was also healed from insomnia as well as anxiety. In addition her hair stopped falling out!

An extraordinary sign took place during the Miracle Service on Sunday the 18th November 2012. Pastor Georg preached about time, that within the dimension of the Spirit and the glory of God, authority can also be taken over time; he mentioned a few biblical examples and gave encouragement in that one can expect miracles to do with the abbreviation of time, acceleration of time and even to do with the breaking of time barriers, as well as the rejuvenation of the body (Ps 103:5) etc. Suddenly, visual to everyone, the clock on the wall started to “go mad”. The hands rotated at high speed and made big jumps. This went on for approximately 10 minutes whilst Pastor Georg called people to the front that had been touched by the power of God. There was a buzz in the hall and some people filmed the clock, others just stood in awe. As the last person took his seat again after being up front the clock suddenly had the correct time and continued as usual. The glory of God exploded in the hall and many miracles took place! 
Another confirmation to do with God’s supernatural action during the service to do with time is that after the service a married couple gave witness that their kitchen clock had for no reason jumped 3 hours ahead before they left for church and that was the exact time that the clock in the church hall went out of control.


-During the service on Saturday, 17.11.2012, in Langenfeld, North Rhine-Westphalia, all sorts of miracles and healings took place. Many people experienced the supernatural loss of weight – for example – one lady’s belt fell down which she had on hole 3. The belt didn’t fit at all any more – none of the holes were of any use!
-Another lady reported that the Holy Spirit had worked on her since the service in that she experienced amazing changes in her body like loss of weight, tightening of muscles in various parts of her body and her face even slimmed down!

-Many creative miracles took place recently in Linz/Austria. A girl’s deformed jaw was visibly healed (her jaw was too short and God rectified it so that she had a perfect mouth).
Another lady’s leg was too short as a result of operations and caused her many problems. God healed this.
The supernatural loss of weight occurred with some people and one lady had to hold her trousers up otherwise they would’ve fallen down! 

-A man reported that his son (29) was threatened over the last week with kidney failure because of gastroenteritis problems. He was in hospital and was healed at the exact time that someone in the church’s healing team prayed with the father! 

-God’s miracle power continually multiplies itself:


A lady from the church in Stuttgart prayed for a friend that had problems with her hips since childhood – she could hardly walk. After she laid hands on her she marched for 1½ hours in total happiness and without pain!
Her husband was also healed – he had a bad knee and after the laying on of hands the pain he had disappeared and he could walk normally!

-During the Miracle Service in Deggendorf at the beginning of November a wealth of supernatural signs and wonders flowed over the assembly:
Tumours shrunk or disappeared in a second, pain and movement disabilities were healed.
A lady with a metal hip who had had problems since the operation started to jump around the hall in happiness.
Other people experienced supernatural loss of weight. Eye and ear problems were also healed, e.g. God completely healed a person with a squint!


-The day after the Miracle Weekend someone from our church took his car to the garage. He wanted to have his snow tyres exchanged from old to new and have them put on. He had 3 old bald snow tyres with him and needed to buy 3 new ones. He left his car at the garage and came back an hour later. The mechanic asked him what he actually wanted because the tyres he had brought with were all as new and there was no need to exchange them! God had supernaturally renewed the treads on the old tyres!

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