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Miracle news October 2012

A wealth of supernatural healings and deliverances took place at the Miracle Weekend in Stuttgart on the 20th-21st October 2012. Besides the “usual” miracles and healings, especially outstanding was that on Saturday night people experienced a loss of weight within seconds. One lady had weighed herself before going to the service and she later determined that she had lost 7 kg!*Someone testified...

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Miracle news July 2012

Many, many people experienced amazing spiritual, psychological and physical breakthroughs at the Miracle Weekend in Stuttgart on 21st and 22nd July.Here only a few examples:-A youth had a twisted leg from the hips down and could only walk with extreme difficulty. During the Miracle Weekend God turned the leg into the correct position and the youth was able to walk normally!-A lady only had 20 %...

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Miracle news April 2012

During the Miracle Weekend in April God again reached out and supernaturally saved, healed and set many people free! Details follow...-according to the doctors a back operation for this particular man was unavoidable. He came to the Miracle Weekend and the pain left him. When he saw the doctor a few days later, the doc said that an operation is no longer necessary!-a lady had a lipoma on her...

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Miracle news January 2012

A wealth of various miracles happened during the Miracle Weekend in January 2012:Here only some of the highlights from first-hand reports: - A lady had from birth a bad and twisted ankle. As a result her whole foot was skew and the related tendon was very weak which caused stabs of pain when she used her foot. In the church service the ankle, tendon and foot were completely restored so that she...

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Miracle news 2011

Miracle weekend of 17th/18th December 2011 And: The miracle working power of God multiplied in that many visitors experienced how the Holy Spirit healed the sick through them!A few examples:-A tumour on a lady’s thigh shrunk from the size of a baseball to the size of a ping-pong ball!-A lady had been deaf in both ears for 3 years and after the laying on of hands experienced her ears opening -...

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