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Miracle news February 2014

1. February 2014

-A few weeks ago Pastor Georg had a word of knowledge that God wishes to heal someone who had been told by the doctor that their heart was too old for their age. A lady came forward who had been told that she has the heart of an 80 year old! Pastor Georg prayed for her and a while later she went to the doctor. The doctor called out, “What have you done? You have the heart of a young lamb!”

-A lady had slipped on ice and injured her wrist. She had to be operated on. Metal and hip-tissue were inserted into her wrist. As a result she had continual chronic pain that often brought her to tears. She could hardly use her hand and couldn’t clap any more either. At a Miracle Service Pastor Georg held this lady’s wrist in his hand and prayed at that moment for someone else. However after that she was able to use her hand freely without pain and could clap again!
*The same lady was at a Miracle Service in February. She had suffered chronic pain in her hips and legs from arthrosis for many years. She was totally healed when someone in the healing team laid hands on her!

-A man with poor sugar values and who was already taking medication for diabetes was told by the doctor that he would soon have to inject himself with insulin. A friend of his was present at the Miracle Service in Kirchentellinsfurt and in the Spirit and glory sent healing to him from there. A few days later he had his sugar values checked and they were now 280/116! Days later he values were completely normal!

-An extremely mighty cloud of glory formed at the Glory and Miracle Weekend Services from 15-16 March in Kirchentellinsfurt and out of this signs and wonders, healing, deliverance, personal touches and the impartation of power rained.

*At least a dozen people with pain and movement disabilities in various parts of the body were healed, and they demonstrated their healing in front of the congregation.

*At least 7 people were healed of partial deafness and deafness!

*A lady was healed from an unpleasant skin disease.

*Many people were healed of bad vision.

*A lady who was only able to walk in pain and with the aid of a walker experienced a spontaneous improvement of her condition.

*Many were healed of psychic traumas and some were delivered from tormenting spirits.

*A man who had suffered for years with tick-bite fever experienced a considerable improvement in the symptoms so that he was able to hop and jump again. His high blood pressure also sank to normal values and over the weekend he lost 2.5 kg weight (he noticed this because his trousers suddenly became very loose).

*A lady experienced her spine stretching out so that she was 4 cm taller (from 1.68 to 1.72 m)!

–>Many people reported that miracles occurred after the meeting when they prayed for others.

*Some people were freed of pain and of movement disabilities. Two people experienced healing from ear problems; someone who was prayed for over the telephone was able to walk the stairs again without pain and was healed of back and leg problems. Etc.

*A lady had lost her necklace and had searched her whole home for it but could not find it. At the miracle service she and her daughter set an angel free to bring back the necklace. A week later when she arrived home from being at church the necklace was lying there on the carpet in front of her cupboard!

-A lady had been prayed for by Pastor Georg in the last Miracle Service on the 16th Feb. It was discovered through an MRI scan that she had cancer of the thyroids. 10 days after prayer she was again examined by the doctor and he could no longer find any cancer!

-A lady with hip replacements had chronic pain when sitting and standing up. She reported that 2 weeks after the Miracle Service she no longer had any pain! For the first time in years she is able to wear high-heel shoes and can stand in them at work daily for 8 hours without a problem! The doctors were stunned!

Another lady reported that at the previous Miracle Service her hand had been healed. She had had pain for years as a result of a botched operation and if she lightly hit her hand she then had the most terrible pain. She was now able to move her hand freely and if she touched it then she was completely without pain!
A whole lot of Glory Life followers reported about miracles that had taken place during their everyday life, miracles that happened to people they came into contact with. Some took Jesus on as their Lord and savior. These miracles happened at birthday parties, when shopping and also on the phone…

*A man was supposed to be fitted with artificial knees. He spoke out in authority and when the doctor called on the phone he reported that everything was suddenly okay and he no longer needed an operation!

*A lady shopping at LIDL was limping. A Glory Life follower asked her what was wrong and if she could pray for her. The lady had broken her ankle which wouldn’t heal properly. After being prayed for she could walk without pain and no longer had to limp!

*At a birthday party a physiotherapist was healed from hip and back problems!

*A man at the gym was healed from slipped disc problems.

*The cervical vertebra of a colleague was healed.

*A lady sitting on the park bench was delivered from a demon.

*A severely handicapped relation received prayer and was later declared healthy by the doctor.

God moves in mighty ways through His sons and daughters!

-God was present in a powerful way during the Glory and Miracle Service in Stuttgart on the 16th February! His glory could be felt and seen in the spectacular and creative miracles that took place. All the people present in the full hall received new encouragement and power in order to continually live in the glory of God and to experience his miracles daily and to pass them on.
Many people began a new personal relationship with Jesus Christ and many were healed of sicknesses, pain and movement disabilities, and others found healing for their minds. Even before prayer for healing began 5 people gave witness that they had already been healed. It happened so fast!

*3 years ago a lady broke the center of her hand and had to have an operation which the surgeon botched. As a result she was unable to form a fist. During the church service her hand was healed and she could move it again without any problems.
Similar happened also with other people, i.e. a lady noticed that she could now take the splint off her wrist which she had to wear after her bones had been crushed and she was unable to move her hand properly. She had become totally pain free!
*A lady experienced that the pain and deformation in both her hands caused by arthrosis just disappeared! She was also healed of a very painful heel spur and could at last point her toes and walk properly!
*Because of two metal hip joints a lady had difficulty and pain in sitting down and standing up. Pastor Georg prayed for new hip joints and she was then able to stand up and sit down quickly without any pain. She delightfully demonstrated this to everyone!

*For 10 years a man had lower back pain and pain in his legs because of slipped disc problems. His legs were also of a different length. After prayer for healing he found to his joy that his legs were the same length and all his back complaints were gone!

*Many people experienced how God improved their vision within seconds!

*A lady had pains in her legs which went out from her knees. During the service she supernaturally smelt vanilla and suddenly all her pain disappeared!

*Many other people were healed immediately of pains in the joints, movement disabilities and pain. Someone was also healed of fever.

The Glory and Miracle Day in the Austria Trend Hotel in Salzburg on the 8th of February was explosive!

Right at the beginning the glory of God manifested in a remarkable way; in the heavenly realm important points in the city and the whole of Austria were made. There was also a great many spectacular and creative miracles and signs.

At the same time God allotted spiritual impartations like prophetic words, deliverance and power resulting in the people involved being changed forever!

During the service many people received Jesus Christ as their personal savior and at least 90 percent of the almost one hundred people attending received a miracle.

Spectacular and immediate miracles were:

*A lady was 70 per cent deaf in both ears. She removed her hearing aids and Pastor Georg prayed for her. She could then hear from a good distance and repeat what had been said to her without a microphone!

*Another lady was 50 per cent deaf in one ear and was able to hear 90 per cent out of the other. After Pastor Georg prayed for her 50 per cent deaf ear she gave witness that she was now able to hear even better out of that ear than she could from the 90 percent ear.

*A man’s muscle that goes from the shoulder to the elbow had been torn for a long time which caused a lot of pain and movement disability. He was told that there was no medical help for him. However, during the service God created a new muscle for him and the man was so happy that he could move his arm normally again that he even did some press-ups!

At least a half a dozen other people were healed from pain and movement disabilities in the shoulder.

*After a vein operation a lady had 24 lumps on her leg. These all disappeared during the service!
*A lady had permanent backache as a result of an accident. After the laying on of hands the pain just disappeared completely!

A man had injured his meniscus in an accident and had to have an operation, also because a blood clot had formed there. After prayer he was able to move his knee normally! God must’ve done a creative miracle on him!

In addition other miracles were performed on people who had been suffering from the results of accidents.

*Many people who had been healed in their knees demonstrated in front of everyone how they could now bend them without a problem!

*Many people were healed from eye problems, e.g. cataracts, damage of the cornea etc. One young lady who had astigmatism in both eyes gave witness that she had been healed!

*At least one lady experienced instant supernatural loss of weight on her stomach and thighs. She showed everyone how big her trousers had got for her.

*Many, many people experienced the immediate ease of various pain and movement disabilities!

*Signs of glory manifested with a lot of people in that they experienced supernatural gold dust on their hands or legs, and oil on their hands! Etc., etc.

-At the Revival Evening on a Thursday in Kirchentellinsfurt Pastor Georg set the fire of God free. As a result everyone there could smell fire and then a certain circle of people in front of the stage experienced the manifestation of gold and silver dust on the floor and then a small stone like a diamond was apparent on the floor in front of a daughter of God!

-A young girl had bad marks in school. At the beginning of the year in Stuttgart Pastor Georg set free the best school year ever for the kids. This girl was so happy because her midterm marks were now good.

-Someone invited a lady with cancer to come to the Glory Life Zentrum. The doctors had said that the cancer would increase. This lady left the church service early because she wasn’t accustomed to the kind of service held in the church. A few weeks later, full of enthusiasm, she told the lady from Glory Life that, although she was full of skepticism, it had been medically determined that the cancer had gone!

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