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“Glory and Revivalconference” from 1th-3rd March 2024

22. March 2024

A mighty revival conference is behind us!

Live over 700 hungry sons and daughters of God and thousands via livestream experienced the mighty work of the Holy Spirit, His miracles, His fire, the spirit of intercession as well as the call into the harvest!

Together with our longtime friends Joshua & Janet Mills and their two daughters Liberty and Legacy, we experienced God taking us from one level of glory to the next….

Among the miracles witnessed were the restoration of an ankle that was shattered 9 years ago; leg bones that grew to the correct length, the alignment of a crooked spine, several feet completely numb due to extreme back problems for years that are restored now, shortened ligaments that were lengthened. Problems and extreme pains, some of which had plagued people for more than 30 years due to accidents, disappeared. Some testified to supernatural weight loss, one woman could hear perfectly again without her hearing aids and so much more…