Glory- and Miracleservice in Hinwil/Switzerland (20th January 2024)

19. February 2024
God’s presence was extremely evident in the packed Hirschen-Festsaal in Hinwil/Switzerland at the weekend.
Powerful miracles were witnessed, e.g. a man who had a paralyzed leg that he dragged behind him since a back injury 12 years ago. Now he was running and jumping around the room without any restrictions! A woman had had numb feet for 11 years due to polyneuropathy and had such severe movement restrictions that she could no longer drive a car. After the healing prayer, she also jumped around the room without any restrictions and announced that she would now buy a car! A man was suffering from a severe fluid buildup behind the eye that was destroying the cornea with the prospect of going blind. After prayer, he testified that he could see completely clearly again. A woman with metal rods in her back, which made it almost impossible for her to bend down, was able to bend down with her hands almost to the ground again, and many, many more testimonies of spontaneous healings and miracles!
All glory to Jesus!