Pictures and testimonies from the Glory Conference in Martinique (April 4th – 7th, 2024)

12. April 2024

More than 100 people testified in the 5 days in Martinique, in the church hall packed with several hundred people as well as in the open-air service, that they had received a miracle from Jesus! Among them were a number of nearly deaf people whose ears were opened; eyes that were opened; people with walking disabilities who walked or ran again without help, a man who had metal inserted in his lower abdomen with several screws and therefore could not kneel – now he can no longer feel the metal and is free to move! A woman was classified as partially disabled, now she can jump around freely again! A boy’s leg was several centimeters too short due to surgery including metal in the shin – the leg grew out to the same length as the other! One woman’s twisted legs were turned into the correct position and all movement restrictions disappeared. In one woman, a thyroid growth dissolved completely. A woman with flat feet got two new arches, and many more powerful creative miracles…and between 80 and 90 people were saved and turned to Jesus. Thank you Lord!