The power is in worship

24. January 2024

If ever there was a time to celebrate and praise Jesus with all that is within us, it is now! He is the one from whom all answers come, from whom alone comes our salvation and also solution in every situation!
We, his unique creation, were created to worship God, that is our deepest purpose. To Him as our Creator, as our Prince of Peace, the Almighty God and Savior of the world, belongs all worship and all glory.
That is why we praise him and sing to him with gratitude!

Did you know that God himself also sings?
And that he also sings over you and me, even shouts?
In Zephaniah 3:17 we read: The LORD your God is in your midst, a hero who saves: he rejoices over you with gladness, he is silent in his love, he shouts over you with joy.

Our God sings and rejoices over us!

Our God sings and rejoices over us – how wonderful!
How could we then not also rejoice over Him who is our Creator and Father? He loves us so infinitely that He even gave His Son for us on the cross so that our sins could be forgiven, we could be made righteous, our every illness could be healed, and so that we could have fellowship with Him for eternity.

Perhaps you are saying that you have no reason to praise Him at the moment because things are so bad in the world and because some or many things in your life may not be going so well at the moment.
I can tell you a secret: Now, right now, is the time to glorify and praise God all the more! Because praise brings forth the victory that we can and will never see by complaining to God. In Psalm 50:23 we can read: Whoever gives me thanks brings me a sacrifice that truly honors me. And he paves the way for my salvation.

Through our thanksgiving and praise, we pave a real way to experience God’s intervention in our lives – and in the lives of those for whom we pray.
When we praise and thank our God, it is an expression of our faith: we believe that He is good, that all good things come from Him and that we can trust Him in every situation as His children.

We believe that He can and will turn around any situation, no matter how messed up – and we anticipate this in faith by praising and glorifying Him.

You know: When we look at everything in the light, we see how good our God is and that He only means well with us and with every person.

When we praise and glorify God, we pave the way for breakthroughs in seemingly impossible situations!

He wants us to be well, even very well: Dear friend, I pray that you will be well in every way and that your body will be as healthy as I know your soul to be. (3 John 1:2)
In Jeremiah 29:11 we can read: For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the LORD, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope. This means that God only has good thoughts about us – thoughts of the future and of hope, thoughts of life and of success. I want to trust this God, who is for me through and through, who only has good things in mind for us and for this world, and I also want to praise and celebrate him with all my heart. He is worth it!

He is always for us, never against us!
If God is for us, who is against us? He who did not spare his own Son, but gave him up for us all – how will he not also give us everything with him? (Rom 8:31f)
God withholds nothing of good things from us, He gives us everything, He withholds nothing from us. He gives us the fullness of God when we have received Jesus as our Lord and learn to live with Him more and more!

God has only good thoughts about us and for our lives!

Ich glaube, wir werden die glücklichsten Menschen sein, wenn wir das erkennen und anfangen, es zu unserem Lebensstil zu machen, Ihn zu loben und zu preisen. Denn dann leben wir voll in unserer Bestimmung.

Ja, ich sage dir: Alles in unserem Leben wird leichter und einfacher, wenn wir uns dafür entscheiden, ein Leben des Lobpreises zu leben.

Und ich glaube, Gott freut sich über jeden einzelnen, der Ihn lobt, egal, ob du meinst, dass du eine schöne Stimme hast oder nicht😊! Das ist dem Herrn nicht wichtig, Er sieht auf dein Herz. Er hört mit anderen Ohren, mit göttlichen, nicht mit menschlichen Ohren.

So if you think you have a beautiful voice: Praise and glorify the Lord, worship Him, lift Him up, because you can do nothing greater on this planet than worship Him; you can move and delight the heart of God with it and also activate heaven.

And if you think you have a less than beautiful voice, know that God sees it differently and rejoices in every tone and sound that comes out of your mouth: just praise Him with all your heart anyway!
Your heart will be changed – and circumstances will also change through your praise!
The good and wonderful thing is: we have a helper in all of this, we don’t have to do it out of human strength. This helper is the Holy Spirit, the third person of the God, whom we can always ask for help and who is so happy to help us in our worship and let the praise to God bubble up in us.

You want a life that is not average?
Then worship Him and make Him the first priority in your life!
Miracles will come forth in your life, and depression and strange negative thoughts that don’t belong to you will be driven away! Any doubt as to whether God really means well with you, whether He really loves you and wants the best for you and the people around you and the people in our country and in this world – that disappears. It must make way for faith that looks to the future with gratitude and hope.

Praise drives away depression and negative thoughts!

All this happens through our praise – also through the inner praise of the heart.

I therefore believe that God wants constant praise to become our lifestyle, into which we become more and more involved and from which we no longer want to leave!
It’s best to start with this in the morning: “I will praise the Lord always and never stop thanking him. I will praise the LORD alone; the discouraged will hear and rejoice. Come, praise the greatness of the LORD with me; let us honor his name together! (Psalm 34, 2-9)
Let us join in this praise and preferably not stop – and if we were discouraged, sad or anxious, then our hearts will be transformed into joy!

That is so important at this time.

I invite you to be one and one who worships God at all times and thus changes the atmosphere – when it is easy and when it is not so easy. The Holy Spirit will always help us – and we will see His miracles and how seemingly impossible situations are turned around!
And we can also know that God is simply pleased with our praise!

So let us praise our God together, let us see miracles and receive answers that go far beyond any ordinary measure!

United in His love,

Yours, Irina Karl