Glory Life Hamburg

22. September 2021

We love our wonderful God, we love community and we love His miracles

There is always a lot to laugh about. We as Glory Life Zentrum Hamburg are very grateful to be in the Glory Life movement and enjoy our salvation.

At the same time our community is very important to us. We want to see and help each other and stand up for each other spiritually and practically.

The core cells of our church are the Glory Houses, which combine good social interaction with a powerful work of God. Here there is a systematically built up teaching in the Word that enables spiritual growth and here is also the focus of our glory experiences: not infrequently we “soak” in the glory here and enjoy God’s presence filling us. We rejoice when things happen, our brothers and sisters get better, healings happen, or someone reports miracles and successes that they owe to God. We want everyone to be seen and everyone to be more and more fortified in the faith.

The services we hold here at the Leonardo Hotel are highlights: We want to fulfill our mission – to bring glory, salvation and revival to Hamburg and spread it from there. We serve each other and especially the guests. The often strong glory refreshes us all and makes us marvel at God’s greatness. Many do a wonderful ministry and contribute to the progress here in Hamburg. We are all very grateful for our leader Christine Mose, who connects many things here in Hamburg and brings them significantly forward.

The absolute highlights for us are the visits and ministries of Pastor Georg and Irina to us here in Hamburg – we are very grateful that they come here to the far north at regular intervals and thus always deposit “discharges of strength” with us and help us to continue to grow and move forward. Most of us also fill up very intensively with the livestream offerings from Stuttgart, such as the church services there and the offerings of the Glory Life School.

Our staff and core group are consistent and constant and we all see each other almost every week – there are staff meetings, prayer meetings, Glory House meetings, etc. and all help us to be further educated and trained for the advancement of His Kingdom, to become more established and stronger, to gain more authority and to increase our radius of influence.

We are very grateful that new interested believers keep joining us and also newborn children of God enrich our group through conversions.

We thank the leadership of Glory Life as a whole for paving the way for the glory in Germany, so that we too can let it flow through us and reach Hamburg and the surrounding area. All glory to Jesus! We are happy about everyone from the Hamburg area who wants to participate in the “Glory Life” with us here!

Dr. Sascha Ferber, Glory Life Hamburg