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The prayers of the Sons of God: Coughing attacks and atrial fibrillation

19. February 2021

Coughing attacks: Over the last few years I’ve had many unpleasant experiences with this, some of which led to attacks of asphyxia. I was exhausted after coughing for two days. My husband prayed for me but there was no difference.
Angry and weakened I cried out “Jesus help me!”, which isn’t like me to do this, and then I heard the Holy Spirit say, “You’re just too nice to the demons! Take hold of your authority like Pastor George taught on the weekend!” Okay! Phew.
Well, I thought, and saw in my mind how my mother sometimes roared like a bear at the family. That must be how it works. I took authority over the coughing spirits and on an unfriendly note threw them out of my system and home!
I fell asleep and woke up the next morning completely healthy! What a surprise to me that my mother’s “unfriendliness” would render valuable service in the spiritual world!
Thank you Jesus for encouraging me to be unfriendly in this case.

Another healing miracle: My friend’s mother was taken to hospital with atrial fibrillation. My friend asked me to pray with her and we did. The following day her mother’s pulse was again 67 and was therefore discharged. Thank you Jesus!

J.B., Hamburg

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