The popular Happy Son Day has started again

25. January 2024

Kids experience the sky up close

Happy Son Day came into being around 2011/2012 – with a group of children who were hungry for more fellowship with Jesus and for supernatural life. I went with the children in the spirit into the dimensions where we are as a church. They quickly learned how to put this into practice in everyday life. Most of the kids from back then are now active in the church and faithful coworkers.

When the children in the first group grew up and became employees, there was a break. It is thanks to two alumni, Hadassa and Jonathan, who told Pastors Georg and Irina how much the Happy Son Days had influenced them, that we are now continuing.

The special thing is that you can’t plan a Happy Son Day. I usually prepare everything beforehand in prayer. I look at what the topic is in the congregation at the moment and what the children need. We discover the heavenly rooms together, experience that our prayers are answered and learn how Jesus guides us in everyday life. The children can also prepare topics themselves and present them to the group. Or the children pray and miracles happen! But what touches me most is when the children feel and perceive the love of Jesus…

Then as now, I lead the children into the heavenly throne room. We discover what it means: “In my Father’s house are many mansions” (John 14:2). We learn to have fellowship with Jesus and to receive prophetic words. In this way, the children are introduced to a supernatural way of life.
My greatest wish is that it is normal for the children to experience miracles, to discover heaven, to see and experience Jesus. And that they all experience and pass on his deep love and become sons of glory who stand firm in this time and recognize their calling that God has given.

Current dates:
Until the summer vacation, Happy Son Days always take place on the last Sunday of the month parallel to the children’s service.

Who can take part?
Children who are hungry for more from God and are between the ages of 9 and 15.

Simply contact Drea to register.