Healed through forgiveness and the supply of a stroller

Last year in autumn I suddenly got a rash – lots of little red dots that itched and they multiplied overnight. I wondered whether I should go to church because I wasn’t sure if it was contagious… I then did decide to go to church, and to later return home without a rash :-). After the service I had a long and intensive chat with Irina which led to the conclusion that I should forgive my previous...

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Skin problems cured unexpectedly after talking to the pastors!

Recently I was in Pastor Georg and Irina's office because of something that bothered me. We talked and prayed! As I left the office, I felt a gentle touch on both my arms, exactly there where eczema had developed over the past few months. The itching suddenly disappeared and before I was back in my car, my skin was supernaturally absolutely normal. In addition, the following morning, a kind of...

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