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Supernatural nose surgery

14. June 2023

I originally wanted to come to the conference with Joshua Mills and Brother Yun at the end of February.
But in the morning, on the way to the bus stop, I fell and broke my nose bone.
They stitched me up in the emergency room, and instead of going to the conference, I had to spend the time in the hospital. Then when the family doctor took out the stitches, he found that the nose had grown together crookedly. He said that this could only be corrected by surgery. But I did not feel like it. I resigned myself to my fate and ordered a new pair of glasses from an optician, since the geometry was no longer right.
Then I made myself on the 12.03.2023 on the service of Glory Life, because me simply “something” pulled. When we were all in front of the stage and dancing, a brother “incidentally” hit me so hard on the nose, exactly in the “right” place, so that the nose bone was broken again. It was such a severe pain that I just cried.
Pastor George was nearby and witnessed this scene. Immediately he laid his hands on me and prayed for me. The result: Except for a very slight bruise, which had been there before, nothing could be seen of an injury. The pain was gone and “by the way” the nose was straightened! Now I had my supernatural operation. A bit rough without anesthesia, but the result is absolutely perfect! Unbelievable! Praise and thanks to the Lord!

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