Personal miracle reports

Pain in the knee disappears after the laying on of hands

17. February 2021

Dear Pastor Georg,
I was busy in my office and I needed something in the garage which is quite a way away. I was feeling lazy and didn’t really want to go. However, as I reached the garage I saw a neighbor taking out a tree stump. We began to chat and he told me that he has a crack in the knee cap which causes him continual pain. I began to tell him about the power of Jesus which heals everything and we chatted on about this. Eventually I asked him if I may lay hands on it and he stretched his knee forward. I lay my hand on the knee and spoke the power of God into it. We chatted on a bit and suddenly he said that the pain was gone. He was so happy.
I told him he should thank Jesus and he said, “I’ll do that. Yoohoo!”
Best regards,

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