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Hip rectified and food intolerance is healed

10. February 2021

Dear Glory Life Team,

For the third time I visited a Glory Life service on 26 January in Nuremberg. On this day God brought some things into motion J . I guess I still haven’t grasped the scope of it.
I was powerfully touched by God and fell to the floor under His power. My whole body shook. Afterwards I felt so much joy and later on had wonderful peace. That night in bed I discovered that my hip was straight. Since then, when I go riding I need an extra stirrup hole on each side. (My riding instructor was amazed at how I could sit upright so well!)
I was at the Filderstadt Glory Life Conference in March and on the Friday night I noticed that my hip was lopsided again. I said to God that I am not prepared to accept this – my hip had straightened and I want to hold fast to that. Throughout the Saturday I noticed that I physically reacted more and more to the power of God. That night Wolfgang prayed for me. Once again the power of God touched me and my whole body shook. This time I felt that the upper part of my body received more power (I wonder if I will get feedback during gym again). That night I noticed that my hip was straight again. Thank you Jesus, you are sooooo good!
Since the conference I have noticed that I can eat better. Years ago I had such problems that even water caused pain. Over the past two years God has healed me in many ways. It was clear to me, I am healed, but it is good if I eat carefully and pay attention to different things. At the Conference God threw another one in for me. Since then I have been able to eat a variety of things and eat more than usual. Even the days after I did not have to watch what I ate.
Since February I take part in the Glory Life School and I am so thankful to you and to God. I used to go to the Lutheran Church and after my 12th birthday it was clear to me that we are promised much more than we are seeing or experiencing. Due to many extreme illnesses in the family and lack of spiritual leadership, this belief was shattered. However, three years ago God has brought it back to life by answering my prayer through appropriate teaching in different ways and different ministries. Over the last weeks I have absorbed the teachings and have noticed a rapid growth in me.
Be blessed.

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