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€50 appear supernaturally and God supplies a new job

10. February 2021

Dear Pastor Georg, Dear Glory Life Team,

I wish to share with you what I have experienced with our wonderful Lord over the last few weeks.
A few weeks ago I told Jesus that I also wish to experience a financial miracle. For a few months I had known that I should sow a large sum of money into the House of Greater Glory.
I didn’t have the money and therefore didn’t want to ask my husband. On the 22 February I received a big sum of money from a person that I only knew through hearsay. It was clear to me that I should sow the money on the Saturday in Augsburg. At the service in Augsburg I asked for the envelope for sowing into the House of Greater Glory. When I opened the envelope there was already a €50 note in it. That was the sum that I had planned to put into the collection basket (separate to the Glory House donation). I was more than surprised and showed my husband who was amazed. So far we hadn’t known God to be like that and we are happy about it, and curious as to how things will continue.
At the Weekend Conference with Aliss and Rob Cresswell I suddenly had the impression I would get a job the following week. I had been looking for a small job for quite some time but because I had not worked for nearly 16 years it had so far not been easy. A young guy by the name of Joshia also prayed with me for this wish. I got an interview on Tuesday and at the end of it I was offered a contract. A day later I agreed to take the job. Hallelujah!
Jesus, you are just wonderful. I love You.
Thank you all too.

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