Personal miracle reports

Healed of cancer

19. February 2021

Dear George, Before you went on holiday you prayed with me for my cousin. She had aggressive breast cancer and they wanted to amputate her breast. However, Jutta wanted to first try chemo. She asked me to pray for her and I prayed together with Irme. After a few infusions she had to stop the chemo because otherwise she would have suffered brain damage.  An operation was then planned and you then prayed together with me. During the operation it was difficult to locate the tumor. She has just written to me saying that she is considered healed. A tiny tiny tumor and plenty healthy tissue was found in the histology.  Thank you, thank you Father! She herself was able to experience that God still heals, even the most aggressive tumors. Also thanks to you George for your prayer support. Best regards,  M.J.

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