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Healed from inoperable cancer of the larynx and neighbor healed from Parkinson symptoms!

30. April 2021

At the beginning of March a client of ours received the news – “We can relieve your pain but we can’t help you with regard to the cancer of the larynx and it’s inoperable – you will eventually suffocate!”

At a Sunday service we put a scarf in the basket with the healing cloths and in the afternoon we visited the man. We convinced him that the healing power of God was stored in the scarf material. He put the scarf on and immediately felt relief. Days later he told us that he now only needed just one tablet. He’s now in Tenerife enjoyed a long awaited holiday. In 3 weeks’ time he’ll be starting work again – completely healed!

His neighbor with Parkinsons saw that he had been healed. He put the same scarf around his neck for 10 days. His movement disability has gone! He is healed!!!
R.+ B.

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