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5. February 2021

– Someone new in the group told us she had continual backache. After prayer the difference in her leg length was corrected by 2 cm. 

– She also had not been able to forgive her parents. After prayer she was able to let go and forgive them. Her lightened eyes showed us that God had healed her heart.

– A man had a stiff neck. After prayer the difference in the length of his arms was corrected by 2 cm and the pain he had disappeared.

– One of the participants told us she had searched for many hours for her lost car keys. After prayer her keys pitched up on her kitchen table even though she had looked there several times.

– The roof of our garden house was damaged in a storm. It was uncertain as to whether the insurance company would cover the repair costs.

At the last Glory Home Group meeting we set the refund of the costs times 7 free.

Two days later we received the news that we had been given a refund of €1400 which is exactly seven times more than the actual cost of repairs.

I gave testimony at work about my eyes being healed. An unbelieving colleague was healed of pain on her right side while I was speaking.

Thank you Jesus, Halleluljah!


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