Pain in the knee disappears – toenail is restored

Hi Dear Glory Life Team, According to orthopedists my knee caps were often in pain because they were too small. Shoe inserts and cycling helped to prevent the pain. After the Glory and Miracle Service I drove home and to begin with didn’t notice any change. In faith I took my shoe inserts out. I claimed the Word, didn’t get around to cycling and I still had no pain. That is our fascinating,...

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Healed from knee pain

I arrived at the Miracle Service in Nuremberg with knee pain. Three days before I bought an elastic knee bandage so I didn’t have to limp so much because over the last three weeks it had got so bad that I could hardly put any pressure on my foot when walking, and could only walk very slowly. My knee was healed in the church service and as soon as I noticed I took the bandage off. Pastor Georg...

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