Personal miracle reports

Supernatural and quick pain-free birth

12. February 2021

Dear Pastor Georg,

My pregnancy was a struggle – my daughter Goldie Grace was estimated as being too big. I had too much water and my blood cell count was very low. I spoke out in faith for a supernatural birth for my daughter. My other two births were difficult with an episiotomy in each case and induced labor. I was in labor for 20 hours and had childbirth injuries which needed stitching. After 4 months I had to go to hospital to have further treatment. As a result my memories of the previous births were not so nice. My doctor also advised in this case to have the birth induced. I prayed that the doctors receive wisdom, that they would decide the way God would. In the background my husband and I played the healing music CDs from Joshua Mills and Steve Swanson.The midwife was irritated by the music and said she hadn’t thought that I would be the type of person who liked meditative music. My husband and I took a walk around the hospital and saw a beautiful rainbow and a heart cloud which was very touching. When we were back in the hospital there was a change of shift and I got to know the new midwife. She seemed refreshing, dynamic and very positive. Five hours later at midnight I could feel that it’s going to start. I didn’t know which way to lie in the bed. Contractions started and I deliberately didn’t use words to do with pain because words have power and I didn’t want that spoken over me or Goldie. I pressed the button and the midwife came really quickly and asked me what the matter was. I told her that contractions had started. She didn’t take me seriously, didn’t believe me. Prior to this I could still hear the screams of the women in the rooms to the left and right of me and my midwife told me not to panic. I told her I would not scream although I could because I know that my baby is now coming. She left the room and I started to feel uneasy. A few minutes later she came again to measure the dilation. She wanted to leave again thinking it would still take a while but then a pleasant surprise took place. My waters squirted over her and she was all wet. This was a really good sign that the birth was under way. After 10 minutes Goldie arrived and she slid out with even more water. It was really a quick water slide and God had made me really elastic. I gave birth to my biggest and heaviest baby without any problems. She even had dots of gold glitter on her face!
I never had an episiotomy with this birth and there was no need for stitching.It went so quickly that the doctor didn’t manage to get there on time. I am so happy about this and wanted to give God the honor.  It says in the Bible that the Jewish women had their babies so quickly that no midwife managed to get to them on time.
During the stay in hospital I was in a 3-bed ward and no one else came. I practically had a huge room all to Goldie and myself. It was announced every now and then that someone was coming but they were always placed in another ward. Today Goldie is 3 weeks old and every day I discover a new golden dot on her.
Warm regards from Munich;

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