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Prayer over cell phone with 0% battery — filled with the Holy Spirit and received Jesus

27. October 2022
On Monday, a woman who came to Germany from Ukraine called the prayer phone. She had many health problems and was looking for help on the Internet, so she watched Sid Roth’s TV show “It’s Supernatural” and watched the show in Russian with pastor Georg. She found out that he is the pastor of Glory Life in Germany. She went to our website and found the phone number of the prayer hotline. I was on the prayer hotline and noticed that my cell phone had 0% battery, but supernaturally I was able to talk to this woman on the phone and pray with her for about 30 minutes without interruption. This wonderful woman gave her life to Jesus, was able to forgive others and was deeply touched and filled with the power of the Holy Spirit! His love was felt very strongly. Thank you Jesus! When I said Amen at the end of the prayer and she did the same, my cell phone turned off. S.H.
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