Impressions of our conference “Worship&Miracles” November, 03rd-05th, 2023

8. December 2023

Around 700 people participated live in our Glory Life Worship & Miracles Conference with Katie Souza, Steve Swanson and Georg and Irina Karl, several thousand were there via livestream!

Huge breakthroughs have happened, healings and deliverances of the soul, powerful physical and creative miracles of creation, many have been saved and thousands have been sent out into the harvest with a new filling of the Holy Spirit and fresh purpose! It was just WOW!

Several people experienced that movement restrictions caused by metal in the body disappeared or the metal was no longer palpable, in one woman two 2 X 3cm lumps in the breast disappeared completely, in another the large cancerous tumors in the abdominal area were no longer palpable, which she could clearly feel before, many others experienced shrinkage or disappearance of lumps, gangrene, varicose veins, hammer toe etc., one woman was missing 2.5 cm of leg bones – they grew back completely…many testified to the healing of pain and restricted movement – almost none of the participants did not experience a miracle either in the body or in the soul during this weekend!!! Thank you Jesus!