Personal miracle reports

Healed from a brain tumor

17. February 2021

Hello brothers and sisters,
I wish to testify as to what has happened in my husband and I’s life.
Three months ago my husband was diagnosed with a brain tumor. The doctor ordered a follow-up examination in 3 months’ time.
He informed us that a specimen cannot be made from that particular part because of a risk of paralysis. I told the doctor that when we come again in 3 months’ time my husband would be completely healthy, there would be nothing to see, maybe just a scar. The doc said he didn’t believe that. I told him what is impossible for man is possible for God, I trust in Jesus Christ who was crucified for us and paid the price with His blood for our sins and ailments.
Today (3 months later) on 17 January 2018 we had the follow-up appointment. The doctor came out and said, “Mr. R, you are perfectly healthy, you have no tumor except for a little scar”. I thank God for the healing of my husband, He is wonderful! I’m so happy and thankful!I thank you Lord for your healing and for your anointing. I also wish to thank the Glory Life Team for their prayers which we have got to know through the Glory. I wish you all the blessings of God.

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