Glory and Fire Conference from October 21th-22nd, 2023 in Tirana/Albania

8. December 2023

On October 21th and 22nd, Pastor Georg and Pastor Irina were guests in Tirana/Albania with a team from Glory Life. At the two-day Glory and Fire Conference, visitors from many surrounding nations were present (e.g. from Italy, Kosovo, Greece) and signs and wonders happened, people were saved, delivered and experienced deep encounters with Jesus.

One man traveled 700km from Sicily to Albania on the recommendation of his daughter to attend our conference in Tirana. After a knee accident, he had a long piece of metal operated on from the knee downwards, which caused him great pain and restricted his mobility, so that he had to drag himself around on a crutch. The metal part also made his shin bone 3 cm too long. He accepted Jesus as his Lord during the conference, and during the break Pastor Georg ministered to his leg. The long shin bone shortened supernaturally by 3cm and immediately he was able to walk normally without crutches! We have now placed him with a good church in Palermo – thank you Jesus!

Another woman flew all the way from Athens for the Glory Conference. We baptized her in the sea in her hometown Durrës, where God let us meet supernaturally!

It was a truly blessed time – full of supernatural leading from God, mighty signs and wonders and so many transformed lives – including our own. Thank you, Jesus, for your faithfulness!