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Engine damage prevented resulting in a bill of €30.000 being avoided

3. February 2021

Dear Glory Life Team, 

I wish to tell you about two miracles.  
1. In April my mother refueled my diesel car with gasoline. She drove home which is about 5 km, the engine was making loud noises. According to my investigation, many parts which had come into contact with the gasoline needed to be exchanged (=> engine damage!).  

I subsequently commanded my car and the various parts which would have come into contact with the gasoline to go back to the time before this, so that it would be as though this had not happened.I also commanded the gasoline to turn into diesel. This did not work, the engine still made terrible sounds. I thought, Well it was a good try… 

The car was towed away the following day and the gasoline was pumped out. The mechanic phoned and, in amazement, said he had checked everything and no damage could be found! There was nothing that had to be exchanged or repaired!Hallelujah!  

2. My mother bought a house in November 2018. Amongst other things, a roof tiler was supposed to work on wall-paneling in the cellar. He discovered that all the wall-paneling was lined with asbestos which would cost at least €30.000 to have it removed. The roof tiler stopped work and an assessor was called. He was also convinced that the material was asbestos and took three samples from three different walls. We now needed a miracle! 

My mother asked Jesus to go back in time and convert all the material to become free of asbestos already during the time of manufacture. She also activated angels in this respect.  

The results from the samples taken showed that the paneling was completely free of asbestos!  

No one could explain this. The roofer started the job again only after having read the assessment personally. He apologized to my mom because of the fuss made, explaining he had been so sure.

My mother laughed and told him she had asked Jesus to take the paneling back in time and exchange it. The roofer said, “I can really learn something from you!”

Thank you Jesus. 

Thank you very much and God bless. 


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