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For the service of our founders

We appreciate and love Georg and Irina Karl as outstanding pioneers in the Kingdom of God. They stand for sound teaching with Jesus as the one and only center, and they have an apostolic love for the whole Body of Jesus Christ.

Geri and Lilo Keller

Foundation Schleife Winterthur/Schweiz

Georg and Irina Karl are two followers of Jesus who really trust the word of God, walk it out genuinly and believe that God keeps His promises. Their blessed ministry is a delight in the kingdom of God and a joy for the Lord and His children on earth. May their ministry find increasing favor with God and men and open the eyes of the heart of the children of God for the widht, breath, height and depth of the lov of God.

Maria L. Prean

Founder of "Vision for Africa" (Uganda), Co-founder of "Life in Jesus Christ" ministries (Austria), conference speaker and author of multiple books.

It has been my privilege to know Georg and Irina. Together they share a heart and vision to see the Kingdom of God manifest on Earth. I highly recommend you take the opportunity to get to know them.

Bobby Conner

Eagle View Ministries, Bullard/Texas (USA)

Georg and Irina Karl are one of the most cutting edge pioneers in expanding the Kingdom of God across Germany, Europe and the nations with healings, miracles, signs and wonders following. They are also some of the most loving ministers with high integrity that I have ever met and I am privileged to count them as friends.

David Herzog

David Herzog Ministries, www.thegloryzone.org, Sedona/Arizona (USA)

Endorsements for the book
“Journey into Glory”

I always consider it an honor and a privilege to write an endorsement for a book when its central message is one that resonates in my own spirit. Such is the case with Pastor Georg Karl’s new book,“Journey in to Glory”. An important message it conveys is, in essence, that the Gospel of the Kingdom is not merely a historical gospel; rather, the Word of God is alive,real, and active today. (Hebrews 4:12) In the beginning, God created mankind in eternity within the atmosphere of His glory, later revealed that Glory on earth through the person of Jesus Christ, and today invites us to become carriers of the Glory and manifest it for the world to experience.

God is using Pastor Karl, along with his wife Irina, to expand the Gospel of the Kingdom of God that Jesus Christ preached and demonstrated in Germany, as well as internationally. Pastor Karl makes the point that the Great Commission of God, given to us by Jesus, can only be carried out effectively by the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit. With the sense of urgency that comes once we discern that Jesus will soon return, the Body of Christ must know that we are all called to be witnesses of Jesus – as the sons and daughters of God of all ages, races, and nationalities – that not only speak of Him but that also demonstrate His Glory and power in a tangible way through salvation, transformation, healing, deliverance, miracles, signs, and wonders of every kind. I recommend this book,“Journey in to Glory”, to leaders and church members alike as the revelation in this book, received and applied by faith, will undoubtedly touch, change, and transform the lives of all who receive it.

Apostel Guillermo Maldonado

King Jesus International Ministries, Miami/Florida

I am the “heavenly man”, brother Yun, a former house church leader in China and co-founder of the overseas “Take the Gospel back to Jerusalem” movement.

Pastor Georg, the author of this book, is a leader of worship and prayer. With his own testimony and the revelation and enlightenment that he received from the Lord, he will truly take you on this journey of the Glory of God.

Among the western pastors that I know, Pastor Georg and his wife are one of the couples who have the holiest hunger. He is so convinced by God’s promises and absolutely desires to see the glory of God.

I also see in him the apostolic and prophetic calling and positioning of the Lord. When I got my hands on the Chinese translation of “Journey into Glory”, I was immediately touched by the Word of God. The Scriptures that Pastor Georg used in his book opened up to me many fresh revelations, therefore from the depth of my heart they inspired me to have great divine hope, expectations and more hunger for God’s holiness and glory. I, your brother and companion in the suffering of the kingdom and the patient endurance in Christ, strongly recommend this book “Journey into Glory” to Chinese churches.

Bruder Yun "heavenly man"

Back to Jerusalem Movement

This book is on the cutting edge of what God is doing today in this fresh move of God’s Glory Harvest across the earth! I have personally ministered with George both in his congregation and on the streets with him in Germany as the atmosphere of the glory he has developed in his life and ministry made it easy to flow in the supernatural glory of God with signs following and souls saved.

I can truly say that he is the ‘real deal’ and a true friend having also spent time together in each other’s home and praying often for each other.

Very few carry the true Glory of God on the earth as he does.

I can personally attest to the love, joy, Christlikeness, the faith, healings, signs and wonders and glory that flow freely from George and his wife Irina.

I have lived and ministered in the glory for many years yet I was so blessed and refreshed reading this book I could not put it down and read it almost entirely in one reading. No matter how long you’ve known the Lord, this is a must-read for anyone that wants to be part of this fresh new move of God on the earth as it will literally change your life!

David Herzog

David Herzog Ministries, www.thegloryzone.org, Sedona/Arizona (USA)

“If living in the manifest presence of God’s Glory is your ultimate desire, Pastor Georg Karl has provided a superb blueprint of how this is attainable . . . An excellent resource and a revelatory book which I will be sharing with many of my personal and ministry friends.”

Rev. Joshua Mills

international Glory Ministries (Canada & USA), author of "Moving in Glory Realms" and others, www.joshuamills.com

It is a joy for me to endorse Pastor Karl’s wonderful book on the subject of the Glory of God! You will be blessed and inspired to seek God on a much deeper level in your life as you read this book.

Bobby Conner

international prophet and author, head of Eagle View Ministries, Bullard / Texas (USA)

In his book “Journey Into Glory” my friend and author Georg Karl bares his

heart with a candid view of his struggles and victories in his passionate pursuit for the Lord and His Glory. Not only is this ‘every mans’ story’ in microcosm, but it also compels us to make it our victory as well. I am impressed and moved with the continued transparency and tenacity of both Georg and his wife Irina as they consistently march on with expectation and hope.

There is much to be gleaned from these pages for anyone who is hungering for more of God’s Glory in their lives. The way may be fraught with misses and at time seeming defeat, but the key is never quit!

I’ve witnessed first hand their passion and unceasing zeal for the Lord and I have been blessed by their mission and ministry.

Take hold of the truth in these pages and you will save yourself a lot of wasted effort and receive keys to unlocking the mystery of God’s Glory for your own life!

Brude D. Allen

leader of Still Waters International Ministries, Chewelah, Washington

Endorsements for the book
“Sons of Glory”

Christians around the world are increasingly experiencing the supernatural world and the glory of God. The more we desire and expect God’s glory, as Georg Karl describes well in this book, the more we will experience it in reality. For what Jesus said to Martha, he also says to you and to me: “…if you believe, you will see the glory of God…” (Jn 11:40)

Christoph Häselbarth

Founder Josua-Dienst Strittmatt (D), Author of several books

Sons of Glory is a masterpiece and a must read for anyone hungry for the next level of the Glory of God and the Awakening! George manages to piece together key aspects of the ‘Greater Glory’ and Awakening as most seem to miss focusing on just one aspect. This books ties in all the pieces together in a perfect symmetry of the heart and strategy of God to launch you into the fullness of your destiny and the Glory of God!

David Herzog

international preacher, TV speaker and author of several books, www.thegloryzone.org, Phoenix, Arizona, www.thegloryzone.org

In Germany there are many good teachers, even some anointed teachers. But there are few teachers who write from the heart of God, which means prophetic, apostolic words. Georg Karl is one of these few teachers. His book will therefore not only fill your mind, but will touch your soul and revive your spirit.

Pierrot Fey

Founder and Pastor of „Die Taube“, Heidelberg (Germany)

God is raising up people in the earth that have both the vocabulary and insight into the glory realm.  My friend, Georg Karl is one of these people, and his book “Sons of Glory” will be used worldwide to bring forth this dimension with a manifestation of great awakening.  You need to read this book and allow it’s deep truths to be planted like a seed in your spirit.  Your greatest harvest is awaiting you as you connect with this truth and receive the divine DNA to position you as Sons of Glory.

Rev. Joshua Mills

international Glory Ministries (Canada & USA), author of "Moving in Glory Realms" and others, www.joshuamills.com

This second work by Pastor Georg Karl sets new standards for understanding the true greatness of Christ’s redemption. Just as Paul in the Epistle to the Ephesians prayed fervently for the believers that the eyes of their hearts might be opened to recognize the richness of the glory of God’s inheritance in the saints, so in this book Pastor Georg has succeeded in making the answer to this prayer possible in our time.

Those who immerse themselves in the lines of this book will grow in their awareness of what heritage belongs to them in Christ. They will hardly recognize themselves because of the increased glory that has developed through faith in the revelation of this truth.

Peter Hasler

pastor of the Zoe Gospel Centers, Zurich

The revelation of the glory of the Lord is increasing more and more, and God is about to choose and equip “sons of glory” who walk in close fellowship with the Father and do the works of Jesus. This is exactly what Georg Karl clarifies in this book, written under an enormous anointing, theologically profound as well as practically realizable in its simplicity.

I believe this book is a word to our generation.

Read it with an expectatant attitude and a hungry heart – and your Christian life can rise to a complete new level.

Philipp J. Schmerold

Global Kingdom Mission, Handenberg (Austria)

I would like to thank Georg Karl for this remarkable book, which I would like to describe as “strategically positioned”.

The apparently so firm and unshakeable situation in our western world is facing dramatic spiritual upheavals. Centuries-old fortresses and strongholds, ungodly philosophies and systems that have stubbornly resisted the expansion of the kingdom of God will be increasingly pushed back and will eventually fall. For the Lord has promised that the whole earth will be filled with His glory – and German-speaking Europe is no exception here either.

The emergence of God’s children living in true (!) sonship, who understand their identity in Christ and put it into practice, and who move forward in real authority and power, will bring about these radical changes.

We are moving into extraordinarily exciting, challenging times increasingly flooded by the glory of the Lord. What a privilege to be a part of this!

Martin Baron

teacher and multiple author, founder of the interdenominational ministry "Gottes Haus" in Rotenburg a. d. Fulda (Germany)

Believers can fall into error by chasing signs and wonders rather than being empowered as a sign and wonder through the consciousness of being an eternal son. I was blessed and inspired with the revelatory teaching of Dr. Georg Karl’s book “Sons of Glory”, especially reading about becoming true children of God. We can change the world through dreams and visions by pulling the invisible into the physical realm.

Adam F. Thompson

prophet and author (e.g. "The divinity code to understanding your dreams and visions"), Adelaide, Australia

With this new book by Georg Karl you hold a key in your hands that opens up wonderful realms of understanding the tremendous heritage that the “Father of glory” has entrusted to his sons and daughters. I really enjoyed following the writer’s explanations, immersing myself in his wealth of experience and being encouraged by the extraordinary testimonies of signs and wonders.

I am certain that the knowledge that we as sons of God are also sons of glory will result in an “exceedingly great army” of passionate lovers of God rising up to serve the Lord and glorify Him in life or death.

The author knows how to awaken faith in the reader that a life “in the glory of God”, that is, a life “lived from his manifest presence”, is the answer to what Jesus did on the cross, so that we can be bearers of his glory.

How else is the whole earth to be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord (Hab 2:14) if not by the revelation of the sons of God?

I hope that the passion to permeate the world with the Kingdom of God will become more and more a trademark of the “sons of glory”, as they have bound themselves in harness to the God of glory, who says of himself that he gives us future and hope.

May this pilgrimage through the wonderful glory rooms inspire you, dear reader, and enable you to do what Jesus also did in his glory: heal the sick, comfort the sad, proclaim the gospel, raise the dead and carry the Father’s love everywhere. “…that we … might be for the praise of His glory.” (Eph.1:12)

Lilo Keller

Co-Founder Schleife Foundation Winterthur (Switzerland),, author and International Speaker

What always impresses me about Georg and Irina Karl is their constant, focused and passionate way of chasing after the glorious things of God. For many years now and through some challenges, they have remained faithful. This you can sense in Georg’s book “Sons of Glory”! With great clarity and clear focus, but also with wonderful balance and perceptible years of experience, he takes the reader into the heart of God, so that precisely this heart can become visible through you and me. This book is part of the message that God is making visible with momentum in these times: In Christ we are victorious children of a glorious God who wants to show all his beauty through us!

Conrad Max Gille

co-founder of Face to Face, author of "Freedom Calls" (Germany)

Endorsements for the book
“The restoration of all things”

I am fascinated by the playful ease, theological clarity and linguistic dexterity of this little book. Here a theologian and mature spiritual leader enters the stage of Christianity and opens up a spiritual space that we did not know before. The room of glory. The fact that the author does not “take off” is due to the indissoluble connection of Christians with the way of Jesus: Jesus’ way, which includes the cross and death as well as the resurrection, the outpouring of the Spirit and finally the exaltation to glory. The key to understanding this salvation story is that Jesus did all of this on our behalf, i.e. we were included in him in every phase of his path from the cross to glory. It is impressive how Georg Karl then plausibly explains this path of Jesus historically for the development of the entire Church, which repeatedly triggers an astonished “Aha!” In the reader. Seldom have I seen such a seminal book so brief.

Ortwin Schweitzer

founder of the Adoramus community and of “Kirche im Aufbruch”, author of several books, Stetten near Stuttgart

When I met the wonderful married couple Georg and Irina Karl a few years ago, I soon had the impression that they live on a spiritual level that many pastors and most of us who call ourselves “Christians” have not yet got to know. So today I am writing this recommendation with great gratitude and deep joy: This book appears at the right time, namely at the beginning of the revelation of the glory of God for those who live by faith and not by unbelief. Jesus himself said: “I have come that you may have life and life in abundance.” And this “fullness” begins in the spirit of a person through a purified heart and a life completely given to God! In the Word of God we also find the promise: “No eye has seen, no ear has heard and what God has in store for those who love him with all their heart has penetrated into no human heart.” Anyone reading the book of Haggai will see that the glory to come (after the Lord of all lords has shaken everything there was to shake!) Will surpass anything humanity has seen and experienced before. A well-known evangelist once said: “Give me five people who love God more than anything and hate sin more than anything else, and I will change the world with them!” Georg and Irina Karl are such people. And whoever has the deep desire in their hearts to change this world so that God’s dream can be realized, namely that his kingdom comes and his will be done on earth as it is in heaven, should read this book and learn about the truth, which is free makes, and the love that heals, and let the life that is filled – JESUS ​​CHRIST – seize and set free, to become a permeable vessel of God through which the Holy Spirit can make the kingdom of God visible and recognizable in this world. In any case, I want to belong 100% to this new generation of redeemed people, through whom the Father in Heaven is glorified, through whom thousands of people experience the goodness and love of God and who also experience the fullness of joy themselves that are still present today prevailing egoistic and self-centered worldview could never give, but which is intended for real, pure at heart Christians in the kingdom of God and body of Christ.

Maria L. Prean

Founder of "Vision for Africa" (Uganda), Co-founder of "Life in Jesus Christ" ministries (Austria), austria

Georg Karl spans the arc from the beginning of creation through to our third millennium after the birth of Christ. He takes us on a crash course in church history by showing where we as Christians are in God’s calendar. He does so with honor and respect for the movements that preceded us and traces the path of restoration of fundamental divine truths. I think this little book is very big. Anyone who wants to do the greater works with Christ should read it. It does not encourage one to get lost in activities, but rather to step into the divine tranquility of faith. The statement that God does nothing for you what you think you can do yourself is sure to be a challenge for some. But at the same time it shows the way to do the larger works and burn them without burning them. In this regard I wish every reader a life in the “divine smoke”. After all, my friend Georg Karl, who like few others in the German-speaking world walks in a life of signs and wonders, or, as he would call it, of glory, makes it clear again and again: “The world has a crisis, but God has one Plan!

Bernd C. Trümper

pastor of Christus Centrum Limburg, Author of several books

Imagine you are sitting in front of a cup of coffee and ask our author Georg Karl what makes the so-called glorious movement really special: Is it just a marginal spiritual (and fleeting) fad that comes from nowhere and that is supported here and there by Christian leaders ?

Let Georg Karl put down his cup of coffee and let us take you on a fascinating journey through time through church history – with all its ups and downs. In a clear form, Georg outlines how the body of Christ gradually rediscovered the various features and blessings of the full gospel that underlie the redemptive work of Jesus over the centuries … to finally arrive at the brand new glory movement, its biblically founded relevance, characteristics and central Role for our time must be presented convincingly.

After I slammed this brilliant book (which will hopefully soon be found in as many French bookstores as possible!), Various impressions arose in me: Respect for the LORD of world and salvation history (the greatest connoisseur of people and wisest educator of all time!) , a feeling of clarity (thanks to the biblical-prophetic and church-historical perspective that the author opens up for us) with regard to the important role of the glory movement, hopeful joy with regard to the current and future manifestation of the glory of God … and last but not least, gratitude to Bible teachers like George Charles, whose life and ministry are geared towards following the word of God and the pillar of clouds and fire of his spirit!

Fabrice Klein

book author, German and religion teacher at the Christian private school "Etablissement Daniel" (Alsace, France)

After a brief review of the previous Restoration Movements, Georg Karl speaks about the Restoration of Glory as the central theme of this book. It’s a topic that also touches my heart very much. I, too, long for us as the bride of Christ to experience the glory of God anew and that we begin to understand and recognize what it means that Jesus has given us the glory that he himself received from the Father, so that we can be one as they are one (cf. John 17:22).

Daniel Exler

Pastor and preacher in travel service, Missionary work “Strahlen der Freude”, Pforzheim